Man bitten by neighbor’s escaped python in toilet in Austria


A man in Austria was bitten by a 5 1/4 foot python during an early morning visit to his home bathroom on Monday, police said.

The reptile, which apparently escaped from a neighbor’s apartment and could have slipped into the sewers, was cleaned up and returned to its owner.

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The 65-year-old victim “felt a ‘pinch’ in the genital area” shortly after sitting on the toilet at her home in Graz just after 6 a.m., according to a police statement from the province of Styria. He then looked in the toilet and discovered the albino reticulated python.

The snake had apparently escaped unnoticed from the apartment of the man’s 24-year-old neighbor. It was not immediately possible to understand how he escaped and how he entered the toilet, but police say he may have passed through the sewers.

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A reptile expert was called in to retrieve the snake, which was returned to its owner. Police said the young man kept 11 non-venomous constrictor snakes and one gecko in his apartment, in terrariums and drawers. He is under investigation on suspicion of causing bodily harm through negligence.


The victim suffered only minor injuries, police said.

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