Madhuri Dixit reveals Asha Bhosle called after hearing her first song, ‘Candle’: ‘You hit the right notes’ | Hindi Movie News



After entertaining her fans with her acting prowess for over three decades, Madhuri Dixit is now exploring her talent as a singer. The actress, who released her debut single, “Candle” in 2020, is ready with her second song titled “Tu Hai Mera.”

In an interview with a news portal, the actress revealed that she received the best compliment from none other than Asha Bhosle after the release of her debut single. She called the actress and told her she sang well and played the right notes. According to Madhuri, there is no greater compliment than her appreciation.

Madhuri went on to say that her latest song is dedicated to her fans who have supported her throughout her journey. According to her, fans write to them, admire their work and do so much for them. She thought it was time she did something for them. The actress added that she wanted to express how she felt for her fans who have supported her for 35 years. When asked what she wanted to sing about, she chose that.

Madhuri also revealed that her mother is a classical singer and used to sit with her and sing during her childhood. The actress also sang in her school. However, she never got the chance to explore it later because of work.


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