Local Elections 2022: Boris Johnson says MPs should ‘win seats on merit’ in response to all-women shortlists | Political news


Boris Johnson has said he wants MPs to win their seats on merit after being quizzed on the all-female shortlists.

the Prime Minister was asked about his attitude towards women and how they are treated in the Conservative Party following multiple sex scandals.

Asked whether the Conservatives had fewer women elected than other parties in 2019 and whether he would support all-female shortlists, he told Times Radio: ‘I’m very supportive of people establishing their position, earn their position, on their merits.

“And women are doing absolutely brilliantly in the Conservative Party right now and we want to encourage that.”

Mr Johnson was also asked if he ever regretted his own conduct towards women or his past attitudes.

“I’m sure every human being looks back on episodes in their life and wonders if they could have done things differently,” he said.

The Prime Minister has been criticized for his ‘laddish’ approach and his respect for women has been questioned on several occasions over the years.

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As a journalist, he described the children of single mothers as “ill-mannered, ignorant, aggressive and illegitimate” and joked that the way to deal with advice from his female colleagues is to “just pat her on the butt and cheeks.” ‘send on his way’.

Her comment that Muslim women wearing the burka “look like mailboxes” in 2018 sparked a major backlash.

But Mr Johnson insisted he had no problem with women, telling Times Radio: ‘The Conservative Party is incredibly proud of what we have done to promote women in politics.

He added that it is the only party to have had two female prime ministers and said things had “changed considerably” since he became an MP in 2001 in terms of the treatment of women.

But the prime minister admitted there was still room for improvement.

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