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Liz Truss became the UK’s Prime Minister after being formally invited by the Queen to form a new government.

The former foreign minister beat her rival Rishi Sunak to winning the Conservative leadership race on Monday and will replace Boris Johnson in number 10.

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Breaking with tradition, Ms. Truss traveled to Balmoralwhere the Queen is on vacation, for her official appointment.

It was believed it was best for the Queen, 96, not to return to London due to her intermittent mobility issues.

Ms Truss is the Queen’s 15th Prime Minister. The first was Winston Churchill.

Now that the so-called kissing of the ring ceremony has passed, Ms Truss will return to Downing Street to start assembling her cabinet.

Several well-known personalities resigned ahead of the expected reshuffle, including Priti Patelthe Home Secretary, and Nadine Dorries, the Culture Secretary.

Other MPs will wait impatiently by their phones for a job offer or their marching orders.

Earlier, Mr. Johnson gave his last speech as Prime Minister in a crowded Downing Street before heading to Balmoral to formally hand in his resignation to the Queen.

He said he would “support Liz Truss every step of the way” and told the Conservative Party that “it was time to rally behind” her successor.

Mr Johnson also hinted at a possible political comeback, comparing himself in Cincinnatusa Roman statesman who resigned and returned to his farm before, according to tradition, becoming chief again years later.

After Ms Truss returns from Scotland, she will deliver her own speech on the steps of Number 10 to set the agenda for her leadership.

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