Lionel Messi says PSG transfer a ‘possibility’ as he tearfully bids Barcelona farewell


It was widely reported that Messi has been offered a two-year contract by PSG, although the 34-year-old Argentine has said no arrangements have been made with the Parisian giant, nor with any of the other interested clubs regarding his upcoming transfer.

PSG did not respond to CNN’s request for comment.

Speaking at a press conference in Barcelona, ​​a very emotional Messi walked into the hall to applause from those in attendance and made his final speech as a Blaugrana player, describing it as one of the most difficult in his career.

“These days, on this last day, I thought (…) to see what I was going to say, what I could say,” Messi said.

“The truth is, nothing came out, I was stuck like I still am now. It’s very difficult for me after so many years, having been here all my life. I was not prepared for that.”

Lionel Messi is reduced to tears during his farewell press conference at the Camp Nou stadium.

The six-time Ballon d’Or winner leaves Barcelona, ​​arriving from Argentina at the age of 13.

“Today I have to say goodbye to that, like I said before, it was many years, my whole life here. After 21 years I am leaving with my wife and three Argentinian Catalans. I cannot not be prouder of all that I have done and lived in this city, where I have no doubt that after a few years of absence, we will come back because it is our home, because it is also what I promised my children, ”Messi added.

Lionel "Leo"  Messi looks back on his 21 years in Barcelona.

Messi is Barcelona’s all-time top scorer for the club – finding the net 682 times – and has won numerous major group and individual awards, including four Champions League titles and 10 La Liga titles.

“I gave everything for this club for this jersey, from the first day I arrived until the last. And the truth is I’m more than satisfied. I would have liked to say goodbye in a different way. never imagined my farewell that way, ”Messi said.

He continued, “I would have liked to have done it with the people, on the pitch, so that I could hear a final standing ovation from them, a final affection. I missed them a lot during this whole period of pandemic which we could not play with. the public. I missed being able to have them close, the encouragement, celebrating a goal with them, letting them call my name.

Fans gathered in front of the Camp Nou stadium where Lionel Messi held his press conference in Barcelona.

As the club and Messi came to an agreement on a new contract, Barcelona’s dire financial situation and La Liga Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations meant he could not be signed.

Barcelona president Joan Laporta said on Friday that “Messi’s renewal comes with certain risks […] but we cannot put the club at greater risk, “Laporta told reporters.

“You have to put feelings aside, you have to look at the numbers with a cool head. We wanted La Liga to be more flexible, but that is no excuse. We knew the rules and what was left of the previous board did. everything is impossible.

“The club are above everything, even the best player in the world,” added Laporta.

During Sunday’s question-and-answer session with the media, Messi was asked to comment on the tension around his departure and whether Barcelona have done everything in their power to keep their star player for the coming season. .

“What is clear to me is that I have done everything possible to stay, the club, Laporta, said it was not possible due to a problem with La Liga, but I ‘ve heard a lot that has been said about me, about the reasons why I didn’t do it. don’t continue, but I can assure you that I have done everything I can to stay, “Messi said .

“Last year I didn’t want to stay and I said it too, but this year I wanted to stay and it was not possible,” added Messi.

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