Lindsey Graham’s COVID diagnosis tweet from Dem strategist canceled



Kate Coyne-McCoy, the chief strategist of the Rhode Island Democratic Party, was quickly criticized Monday night over a tweet about Senator Lindsey Graham’s COVID-19 diagnosis.

The South Carolina Republican – who had been fully vaccinated – announced earlier today that he had developed flu-like symptoms on Sunday. He said he was diagnosed with the virus on Monday by the House doctor. His symptoms are mild and he said he will be in quarantine for 10 days.

Coyne-McCoy took to Twitter and posted: “It’s wrong to hope he dies of Covid, isn’t it? Ask a friend. #COVIDISNOTOVER #LINDSEYGRAHAM,” she said job.

Even at a time when the political divide in the country seems unable to deepen, messages alluding to the death of a political opponent seem to cross an imaginary line of civility. But the people who tweet these messages have often weighed the risks and determined that they are playing with their base.

Rhode Island Democrats and Coyne-McCoy did not immediately respond to Fox News emails after hours. The tweet was originally captured by a reporter from the Free Beacon.

In March, Rhode Island Public Radio called the hiring of Coyne-McCoy, a registered lobbyist, a “clear signal” that the state’s Democratic Party intended to turn left. The report says that although she is not the executive director of the party, she “will be the person responsible for leading the party’s political efforts.”

When former President Trump was diagnosed with COVID-19 last year, many Democrats seemed to put politics aside and sent their best wishes to the president. But some of his notable detractors appeared to view the infection as a political vulnerability in the 2020 election and used it to describe it as reckless.


Graham has been a vaccine advocate and received his shots in December. He said during a visit this spring to the South Carolina Medical University in Charleston that “the sooner we get everyone vaccinated, the sooner we can get back to normal.”


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