Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen involved in high speed crash at British Grand Prix


Hamilton made several attempts to pass Verstappen on this first lap and when the drivers arrived at Silverstone’s Copse Corner the Briton’s left front wheel hit the Red Bull driver’s right rear tire.

Verstappen left the track and crossed the gravel before crashing into the barriers, although the Dutchman was able to pull away from his wrecked car.

The race was suspended with Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc in the lead.
Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton, left, and Dutchman Max Verstappen of Red Bull take a side-by-side corner at the start of the British Formula 1 Grand Prix at the Silverstone circuit in Silverstone, England on Sunday, July 18, 2021.

Red Bull team manager Christian Horner said Hamilton was “completely out of service”.

“Anyone who’s driven that turn knows you don’t put a wheel inside at Copse,” Horner told Channel 4. “He put it in the fence. Thank goodness he wasn’t. hurt. It was a desperate gesture. “

The race marshals then assessed Hamilton a 10-second penalty for the incident with Verstappen.

“I was early when I got there,” Hamilton said on a radio call with his team. “It was my line. I gave the guy some space.”

Before the British GP, Hamilton was 33 points behind Verstappen among the drivers.  championship.

Sunday’s race brought together 140,000 people, according to Silverstone organizers.

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