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Labor will try to fight the Chancellor’s Trussonomics tax giveaways by unveiling rival plans to boost economic growth at his conference in Liverpool.

The four-day conference will begin with a tribute to the Queen by party leader Sir Keir Starmer and the national anthem, a move that will be criticized by leftists.

Deputy Leader Angela Rayner will then launch Labor’s political agenda with an assault on Tory ‘saleze’ in public sector contracts and a plan to invest billions in jobs and regeneration.

What to expect from Labour’s annual conference

“The Tories have left a legacy of squalor, cronyism and corruption, with the British people left to foot the bill,” she said.

“Work will unleash the power of supply for the public good.

“Under the next Labor government there will be no hiding place for cronies and no corner for corruption. We will give Tory sleaze merchants their marching orders, we will end aid to tax havens and we will delist suppliers defaulters.”

On Monday, Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves will explain Labor’s alternative to the windfall of Kwasi Kwarteng tax cuts ahead of Sir Keir’s big speech on Tuesday on ‘a fairer and greener future for Britain’.

Other highlights include Sir Keir and ghost culture secretary Lucy Powell in a chat with Sky Sports pundit and former England footballer Gary Neville, who joined Labor this year and was expected to enter politics.

But as strikes by railway workers and other groups escalate and the Tories now pledge to pass new anti-strike laws, Sir Keir will face attack from union leaders for banning Labor frontbenchers from joining the pickets.

And former frontman Jeremy Corbyn and his leftist allies will cause even more embarrassment for Sir Keir at their parallel radical alternative event, The World Transformed festival, also taking place in Liverpool.

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Truss is taking a ‘tremendous political risk’

Mr Corbyn and his allies, including John McDonnell, Len McCluskey and RMT leader Mick Lynch, will speak at sessions such as ‘The Working Class Strikes Back’, ‘God Save the King?’ and “How to Shut Down an Israeli Weapons Factory”.

In her Labor conference keynote, Ms Rayner will pledge to maximize post-Brexit opportunities by disrupting public procurement policy, worth £379billion a year.

“Labour is asking for time for the Tory buying racketeering at the expense of the British taxpayers,” she will say. “Labour’s National Sourcing Plan will support UK businesses, raise standards and serve our communities.

Sir Keir Starmer at the Labor Party's annual conference in Brighton last year
Sir Keir will deliver his grand speech on Tuesday

“Our Value for Money Guarantee will ensure that every penny spent on public procurement will be guided by the national interest to support the return of local jobs, skills and wealth creation and give small and medium-sized businesses a fair chance. to benefit from it.

“The Conservative policy of rewarding failure will end. We will get taxpayers’ money back and put it back directly into communities to support the people who create this country’s wealth.”

“Indispensable proposals”

Welcoming Ms Rayner’s proposals, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “These proposals are much needed.

“Outsourcing has been a colossal waste of taxpayers’ money and has led to a race to the bottom on workers’ wages and conditions.

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“In sectors like social care – where outsourcing has been used on an industrial scale – services have been run cheaply and frontline care workers are underpaid and poorly treated.

“Any organization or company that obtains public contracts must treat its workers fairly and meet the needs of service users.

“Under the Tories, public funds have been diverted to line the pockets of bad bosses.”

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The Labor Party said this year’s conference will welcome more than 12,000 participants for four days of policy discussions, training and events.

And at a time when the party is cash-strapped, she says this year’s exhibition is the most successful in 15 years in terms of revenue and number of exhibitions. There will be nearly 200 stands, including new exhibitors Sainsbury’s, Lloyds, Barclays and UK Fisheries.

“A fairer and greener future”

In a welcome to attendees, party leader Anneliese Dodds said: “We are meeting at a difficult time for Britain. Families and businesses are facing spiraling costs and the whole country appears worried about a winter of uncertainty.

“Twelve years of Conservative governments have left us with lower growth, lower investment and lower productivity. The only things that are going up are inflation, interest rates and bankers’ bonuses.

“But Labor has a plan for a fairer, greener future that will secure our economy and kick-start growth. It will end the short-termism that has tipped us from crisis to crisis. invoices. This seizes the opportunities of the future and benefits the workers.”

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