Kristin Smart case: suspects Paul and Ruben Flores arrested during the disappearance of a California student, according to the sheriff

Kristin Smart case: suspects Paul and Ruben Flores arrested during the disappearance of a California student, according to the sheriff

Authorities have not found Smart’s body, Parkinson said, but have found forensic physical evidence that they “believe he is related to Kristin.”

The sheriff spoke to his family twice on Tuesday, he said.

“I think they’re feeling a little bit of relief, but as you can imagine until we hand Kristin back to them, it’s not over,” he told reporters. “We made a commitment to them not to stop until Kristen is well, whatever the cause, whatever the hour, we make a commitment.

“It is impossible to put into words what this day means for our family; we pray that this is the first step in bringing our daughter home,” the family said. “While Kristin’s loving spirit will always live on in our hearts, our life without her hugs, laughs and smiles is a heartbreak that never abates.”

“We are happy that Kristin’s case is now transferred to the district attorney’s office, where we know we will be in good hands, and we look forward to the day when there is ‘justice’ for Kristin,” he said. they stated.

The two suspects were placed in the San Luis Obispo County Jail, according to inmate files online.

Paul Flores and Ruben Flores

Paul Flores, 44, has been convicted of murder, according to records. No deposit amount is indicated. Ruben Flores, 80, was listed on an ancillary charge and is being held on $ 250,000 bail.

The couple are expected to be arraigned on Thursday, although older Flores is eligible for bail. CNN has contacted lawyers for the two men.

Reached by phone earlier, Robert Sanger, an attorney representing Paul Flores, said he would not comment on the “pending cases”.

District Attorney Dan Dow said his office was reviewing the case.

“We are carefully reviewing the evidence and will provide more information as it becomes available,” Dow said in a statement.

Long-time suspect

Authorities raided Ruben Flores’ home in Arroyo Grande last month.

“Additional evidence related to the Smart investigation was discovered at this time,” the sheriff said, without specifying what was found.

Paul Flores has been the prime suspect in the missing persons case for decades. Officials said Flores, who was then a 19-year-old freshman, walked to the smart home. He was the last person to see her on May 25, 1996, authorities said.
Kristin Smart investigators serve a search warrant at the home of the father of the main suspect

Smart was last seen near her dorm at California Polytechnic State University (CalPoly), but she never made it to her room, police said. Friends and family never heard from her again.

She did not have any additional identification, money or clothing when she went missing, police said. Smart was pronounced dead in 2002.

Investigators investigating the case of Kristin Smart, a Cal Poly student who disappeared in 1996

Last year, investigators searched Paul Flores’ home and said they found “objects of interest” on the property.

At that time, Flores was held at his home in San Pedro, Calif., And released at his home after the search, said at the time Tony Cipolla, a spokesperson for the sheriff’s office.

Massive search and repeated interviews with a student who was walking with her that night resulted in no break, and Smart was pronounced dead in 2002.

In 2016, following leads that his body was buried on campus, the FBI stole three cadaver dogs from its training facility in Quantico, Va., And investigators dug up part of the hill near the place where the school’s “P” brand is integrated, without profit.

CNN’s Stella Chan and Ray Sanchez contributed to this report.

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