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ETimes had exclusively reported confirmed news about Kanika’s wedding in London and had also been looking for details about her beau. After a traditional Indian wedding on May 20, Kanika Kapoor and her husband Gautam Hathiramani also had an official ceremony in London. The singer opted for a sharp white suit that had a dress-melting feel for the occasion. Kanika was also seen signing an official document, formalizing her marriage to Gautam, who is a London-based businessman.

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Kanika Kapoor had recently revealed that Gautam was his best friend and that they had known each other for 15 years. She also revealed that she asked Gautam to marry her in 2014, after ‘2014’ was released, but he thought she was joking. Kanika told BT: “Then I asked him again in 2020, and that’s when he realized I was serious about it. That’s when our love affair started . And it wasn’t until August last year that he officially proposed to me. For the past 10 years I was single. I’m happy to be married now. As an artist, I could be surrounded by people and play in front of a huge crowd, but after those hours of work, I felt lonely.

Kanika has three children from her first marriage, Yuvraj (19), Aayana (17) and Samara (15). Asked about their reaction to her wedding, the singer said: “I would be lying if I said they weren’t worried about it. I remember a few days before the wedding my youngest daughter said to me: “Now we’re going to give you. I was surprised by that reaction and told her that not just me, we’re all marrying her because you’re all part of me. That said, my kids were very kind to about this new development in my life. Moreover, they have known Gautam for a long time too. Gautam and his family have been wonderful and welcoming not only to me but also to my children and my parents.


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