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Comedian Joe Lycett has revealed he was the subject of a police investigation – after someone who watched one of his tours complained about what they considered an offensive joke.

The star said it involved him writing a statement to explain the context of his onstage joke to officers, which meant he had to put the words ‘giant ass d***’ in a message to force in question.

Fortunately, Lycett said the case has since been closed.

He shot his More, More, More! How are you Lycett? How are you Lycett? shows since March, playing to audiences in Plymouth, Bournemouth, Edinburgh, York, Hull, Ipswich, Sheffield, Glasgow, Stockton, Newcastle, Cambridge, Stockport, Liverpool, Northampton, Birmingham, Belfast and Cardiff so far.

However, he did not specify which tour led to the complaint against the police.

In a post on social media, Lycett said: “So someone came to my touring show a few weeks ago and was offended by one of the jokes. And their perfectly understandable response to that was been… to call the f****** police.

“To be fair to them, the fuzz were very nice about the whole thing, but felt they had a duty to investigate. This involved me writing a statement explaining the context of the joke for them; I especially enjoyed putting the words “giant donkey d***” in a message to a police detective.

“Charmed and hopefully amused, the rozzers have since closed the deal. You’ll be pleased to know that the joke — which I consider one of the best I’ve ever written — remains firmly and proudly on the show.

And for fans who have tickets to see the upcoming shows – scheduled for London, Leicester, Manchester, Brighton and other venues across the UK and Ireland – fret not.

“The tour continues until September, unless I am imprisoned,” added Lycett.

The comedian also shared what was apparently an email from the police investigating the matter, which read, “First of all, thank you for your help today, it’s much appreciated.

“I can confirm that the police now consider this case closed. Thank you.”

This is not the first time that Lycett has caused a stir with the authorities, after writing false report by Sue Gray on alleged Downing Street parties earlier in 2022.

In 2021, he staged a stunt outside Shell’s London headquarters to campaign against the company’s “greenwashing”. And the year before, he said he changed his name to Hugo Boss after the designer targeted small businesses using the name “boss”.

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