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NEW DELHI: The Sports Authority of India (SAI) on Friday formed a three-member panel to investigate gymnast Aruna Buda Reddy’s complaint. The two members of the committee headed by Radhica Sreeman are Deputy Director (Operations) Kailash Meena and SAI Coach Kamlesh Tiwana.
Aruna’s fitness test was conducted ahead of the gymnast’s participation in the FIG Apparatus World Cup in Baku in March in the presence of a six-member committee. Aruna made allegations against SAI coach Rohit Jaiswal, who was a member of this committee.
According to Aruna, the clinical evaluation test performed on his injured knee by a doctor was filmed by “one of Jaiswal’s trainees” at Jaiswal’s request on a mobile phone without obtaining his consent. The assessment, which took place on March 24, lasted approximately 10 minutes.

Aruna described the whole incident as a “serious crime” and an “invasion of the privacy of a female athlete” after GFI President Sudhir Mittal informed her by letter that the federation had no allowed or ordered anyone to videotape their physical fitness test.
Speaking to TOI on Friday, Aruna thanked SAI for quickly taking up her case and said she would provide all evidence to the Board of Inquiry members whenever called.
On the GFI claim that no video recording of his fitness test was ever made, Aruna said, “It’s not just about Aruna. This fight is for all those female athletes who are experiencing such victimization but not getting justice. I raise a voice for them through my suffering. Being a gamer myself, I will never commit such an act or bring false allegations against anyone. Why would I ruin someone’s career? The coach in question was himself an international gymnast. So I will not make false statements against him if nothing happened. I have evidence to support my claim and it will be shared with the Board of Inquiry.
She added: “I trained under Nandi Sir for four years from 2013 to 2017. He was my coach at the national camp. He was part of the committee that conducted my fitness test. I have full confidence in him that he will not abandon me at this crucial moment. I know he will stand up for the truth and support me in my fight by stating the facts,” she added.


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