Iran researched nuclear weapons and WMD technology last year, reports say



The Islamic Republic of Iran has made multiple attempts in 2020 to obtain the technology for its weapons of mass destruction program and has not stopped its drive to develop atomic weapons, intelligence agencies in the countries recently reported. Bas, Sweden and Germany.

The Netherlands General Intelligence and Security Service “investigated networks attempting to obtain the knowledge and materials necessary to develop weapons of mass destruction. Multiple acquisition attempts were thwarted by the intervention services, “the agency wrote in its April report.

According to the Dutch report, “the Joint Proliferation Control Unit (PCU) of the AIVD [the General Intelligence and Security Service] and the MIVD [the country’s Military Intelligence and Security Service] examines how countries try to obtain the knowledge and goods they need to manufacture weapons of mass destruction. Countries like Syria, Pakistan, Iran and North Korea also attempted to acquire these goods and technologies in Europe and the Netherlands last year. “

Iranian foreign minister apologizes for comments on John Kerry and other issues

The Iranian regime was included in the document’s section on preventing “countries from acquiring weapons of mass destruction”.

The intelligence agency did not provide details of multiple attempts by rogue nations to secure technology from weapons of mass destruction. The report also does not indicate whether the Iranian regime illegally obtained technology and equipment for its nuclear program.

The General Intelligence and Security Service, as part of its mandate, “conducts investigations, provides information and mobilizes third parties to safeguard the democratic legal order and national security, actively reduce risks and contribute to the foreign policy development “.

According to the report, the Dutch intelligence services of MIVD and AIVD “carried out intensive research on several very active networks” involved in proliferation and involving various third parties in European countries. “As a result, export licenses have been verified and acquisition attempts frustrated,” the report says.

The damning findings of the new European intelligence are likely to spur a wider discussion on whether the United States should revert to the much-criticized 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

FILE - As of April 14, 2021, a satellite photo provided by Planet Labs Inc. shows the Iranian nuclear facility at Natanz.  (Planet Labs via AP)

FILE – As of April 14, 2021, a satellite photo provided by Planet Labs Inc. shows the Iranian nuclear facility at Natanz. (Planet Labs via AP)

Critics have long argued that the atomic deal imposes what is at best a temporary restriction on the Islamic Republic’s willingness to join the club of nuclear-weapon nations.

A spokesman for Sen. Ted Cruz, of R-Texas, told Fox News: “The Iranian regime has never stopped seeking weapons of mass destruction to use against America and our allies. Biden administration, like the Obama administration, is committed to dismantling any significant pressure against the regime and flooding it with hundreds of billions of dollars.

“Senator Cruz had fought for years to prevent this from happening, and continues to stress that any deal with Iran that is not submitted to the Senate as a treaty and passed by the Senate can and will be canceled by a future administration, ”added the spokesperson. .


The Biden administration is currently in indirect negotiations with the Iranian regime in Vienna over the United States’ return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the official name of the 2015 nuclear deal.

The Trump administration withdrew from the nuclear pact in 2018 because US officials believed the deal allowed Tehran’s rulers to build nuclear weapons.

The Swedish security service revealed in its intelligence report for 2020 that Iran is seeking Swedish technology for its nuclear weapons program. According to the document, “Iran also conducts industrial espionage, which mainly targets Swedish high-tech industry and Swedish products, which can be used in nuclear weapons programs. Iran is investing heavy resources. in this area and some of these resources are used. in Sweden. “

The Iranian regime is waging industrial espionage against the Scandinavian country and targeting its industry, the 88-page document notes.

In April, the Bavarian Office for the Protection of the Constitution, the domestic intelligence agency of the state of southern Germany, wrote in its report for 2020: “Proliferation-affected states like Iran, North Korea, Syria and Pakistan are making efforts to expand their conventional arsenal of weapons through the constant production or modernization of weapons of mass destruction. “

The German intelligence agency, the rough equivalent of the FBI, noted that “in order to obtain the necessary know-how and the corresponding components, these states try to establish business contacts with companies in high-tech countries like Germany ”.


Jason M. Brodsky, senior Middle East analyst at Iran International, a London-based news organization, told Fox News: “I think these results underscore the permissive environment that Europe offers Iran for. conduct industrial espionage and a range of other intelligence activities. They also stress the need for E3 [Britain, France, Germany] and the United States to obtain credible explanations from Tehran for traces of uranium found at undeclared sites across the country as part of clarification of outstanding safeguards issues with IAEA [International Atomic Energy Agency]. “

Brodsky continued, “The activities of the Organization for Defensive Research and Innovation (SPND) deserve careful consideration in light of these revelations. SPND [a subsidiary organization of the Iranian Defense Ministry] inherited Iran’s previous nuclear weapons program – Project Amad – and in 2019 the U.S. government found the organization to operate in a way that preserves the intellectual wealth of that program.

“Not to mention the work of the SPND on chemical weapons research through the Shahid Meisami group, which the United States sanctioned in December 2020. These European intelligence findings demonstrate the need for continued vigilance on this entity and Iran’s ambitions for weapons of mass destruction, ”Brodsky mentioned.

The US government – Republicans and Democrats – has recognized the Iranian regime as the main sponsor state of international terrorism.

Fox News did not receive an immediate response from the Iranian UN mission, its embassy in Berlin, or its foreign ministry in Tehran.


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