IPL: Those six from Sheldon Cottrell in Sharjah instilled self-confidence in Rahul Tewatia, says Sunil Gavaskar | Cricket News


MUMBAI: It was his five straight sixes from Sheldon Cottrell in Sharjah in the 2020 edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) that instilled in Rahul Tewatia the belief that he belonged at this level, believes the legendary Sunil Gavaskar .
Tewatia has been in stellar form for the Gujarat Titans as he has won several games with his team with big success and is being considered for a spot in India’s T20 squad.
“That assault on Sheldon Cottrell in Sharjah gave him the belief to do the impossible and the confidence that he belongs here. We also saw the impossible (he did it with the bat) the other day (against the Royal Challengers Bangalore),” Gavaskar said. on Star Sports.

“There’s no jerking or touching the pads (which shows a batter’s nervousness) when he hits in the dead. He just waits for the ball to be delivered and plays his shots. He’s got all the shots in the book, but more importantly his temperament to stay cool in a crisis is awesome,” added Gavaskar.
Gavaskar also dubbed the 28-year-old cricketer ‘the ice man’ and praised Tewatia’s ability to remain unfazed during tense moments.

“The reason I call him the ice cream man is because he just stands there (at the crease) and shows no signs of shrugging or anything. He’s composed, he anticipates deliveries and knows what moves to make.
“In his mind, he’s ready to play his favorite shot if the ball (land) there. And when he crosses (the ball) it’s always a six. That’s what makes him the man of ice because he’s not disheveled at all (with the situation),” he said.

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