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AHMEDABAD: A few minutes after the end of the final, Hardik Pandya quietly stroked the flap of the IPL trophy as one of the BCCI employees wrote down the name of the new champions “Gujarat Titans”.
It was like an indulgent father lovingly ruffling his son’s hair. This trophy was indeed Pandya’s labor of love. For all the work provided after a few years of circumspection and uncertainty. We’ve all seen it, but he took care of it.

His wife Natasha kissed him. It was an act of assurance – that his support system is firmly behind him, earlier in ‘thin’ and now in ‘thick’.
“I live and thrive on love, which I continue to receive from my family,” said the man, who won it for the Titans in the first half with wickets from Jos Buttler, Sanju Samson and Shimron. Hetmyer.
The 34 points in a low-scoring chase were just the icing on the cake.
On May 29, 2022, India just got another real white ball captain option in Pandya.
His MS Dhoni style of quiet leadership has blinded even the nation’s top cricket analysts, who wouldn’t have remotely considered him a left-field pick in their wildest dreams three months ago.


In photos, IPL 2022 final: Pandya performs as Gujarat win IPL title

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Hardik Pandya played with bat and ball as the Gujarat Titans clinched the IPL title in their debut season with a seven-wicket victory over Rajasthan Royals in front of a record crowd of 104,859 in Ahmedabad on Sunday. (Photo BCCI/IPL/PTI)

But the dream turned into reality and Pandya lived up to his word as the leader with 487 runs and 8 wickets.
“I’ve always loved responsibility and I’ve been someone who wants to lead from the front, so I can lead by example,” Pandya told reporters during a virtual conference.
“If I want my team to work a certain way, I have to be the first standard bearer to show them the way. So it makes more sense if I do it first,” Pandya said with conviction and all those who listened believed him.


(Photo BCCI/IPL)
“….But the World Cup Trophy remains an ultimate goal”
Hardik, during his six-year international career, played in one ICC final (Trophée des Champions in 2017) and two semi-finals (T20 World Cup in 2016 and ODI World Cup in 2019).
On June 9, it will be one of Pandya’s sweetest India Blue returns and eyes are on a World Cup triumph. There will be two in the next 16 months — one in the shorter version (T20) and the other in the shorter version (ODI).
“It’s about winning the World Cup for India no matter what. I’ve always been that guy who puts the team first, so the target will be to see my team win the ( world trophy) the most,” he said.
“Playing for India has always been a dream come true. No matter how many games I have played, I have always received support and love. Short and long term, a goal is there I want to win the World Cup no matter what,” he makes his priorities clear.

This IPL trophy is more special than the other four
Lifting the IPL trophy isn’t a new experience for Pandya, but guiding a new team in their debut year is certainly super special and there’s no doubt in admitting it.
“It’s a bit more special because I had him as captain. But those first four (2015, 17, 19, 20 with MI) were just as special. I’m incredibly lucky to win five out of five IPLs, but this IPL trophy will create a legacy,” Pandya said in her soaring baritone.
“Today was a day, we got such support with 110,000, we got all the rewards for hard work,” he added.
Batters can win games but bowlers win championships
When Hardik was picked by Gujarat from the draft, his first attempt with Head Coach Ashish Nehra was to choose a powerful bowling team and accordingly they assembled a cracking unit – Mohammed Shami (20 wickets ), Rashid Khan (19 wickets), Lockie Ferguson (12 wickets) and rookie Yash Dayal (11 wickets).
“People say T20 cricket is a batsman’s game, but it’s the bowlers who win you games,” he said.


(Photo BCCI/IPL)
But the skipper explained why he was focusing on the bowling line-up.
“Because if the batters don’t post a par-score, then you need a gun bowling lineup, so we always ended up giving 10 runs down. On the lanes, where other teams are aisles for 190, we may have limited sides to 180,” Pandya explained.
“Obviously 10 races makes a big difference in the larger context because it can decide winning and losing.”
“For me and Ashu paa (Nehra), in the beginning our effort was to create a solid and experienced bowling unit so that if the stick doesn’t click once in a while we can take things out, so that was Very important.”


(Photo BCCI/IPL)
A strong family, emotional ties
From garish jackets to blingy diamonds and flashy lifestyle in your face during the early years, Pandya’s transformation from a brash youngster to a responsible man has been incredible.
Wife Natasha, son Agastya, brothers Krunal and Vaibhav, sister-in-law Pankhuri form his inner circle, people who are like his protective human shields against vulnerabilities.


(Photo BCCI/IPL)
“Natasha is a very emotional person and becomes very happy when she sees me well. She has seen me go through a lot and put in tough jobs, no matter what happened, I worked hard, it’s something I do ‘I don’t speak but she knows how much hard work goes on behind the scenes,’ Hardik’s husband was full of gratitude.
“My family have been my strong pillar. My brother Krunal, my sister-in-law Pankhuri, my other brother Vaibhav. Lots of people, who have been fantastic in ensuring that I stay in the best mental space whenever difficult situations occur.
“My brother (Krunal) also cried, when I called him, my sister-in-law cried. They were tears of happiness. I know I can play on the pitch because these people are all behind me,” did he declare. concluded.


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