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NEW DELHI: It’s not easy being Ishan Kishan. For the Indian team management, he is the designated reserve fly-half for Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul in T20 cricket. Yet he is the one who invariably plays many games.
With the busy schedule dictating that players rest often, Rohit or Rahul is always unavailable. And in the case of the current series against South Africa, since Rohit and Rahul are missing, Ishan has to play as the senior fly-half.

Now here’s the catch. The Indian team are planning to move away from their conservative approach to the T20 stick. The T20 World Cup is just five months away. And Ishan Kishan has become the face of the ultra-aggressive batting brand that India aspires to play in the World Cup.
Ishan has to pace the others to deliver a powerful finish. He has to make sure he scores enough runs so he doesn’t fall off the radar too.
On Thursday night, against a full-strength South African attack, his frailties against the new ball came to the fore.

His start wasn’t the prettiest to watch, but he had no lack of intention to go after the bowlers. For all his lingering technical shortcomings against pace and movement, Ishan cannot be blamed for playing to retain his wicket, something the famous Indian front three of Rohit, Rahul and Virat Kohli have often been blamed for.
Ishan often fell trying to get the big shot despite having already secured a big shot. His 76 balls from 48 at Kotla was the demonstration of the brand of cricket that India wants to play: an all-out attack like many other successful international teams do.


Ishan settles into a role, but he knows he’s not the first choice.
“I think they (Rohit and Rahul) are world class players and I won’t ask for my place when they are there in the team. They have scored so many points for our country, I can’t ask them to drop in and play me in the first place,” Ishan said at the post-match press conference Thursday night.
“My job here is to give my best in the training session. Whenever I have the chance, I have to prove myself or do well for the team. I focus more on what I have to do. It’s up to the breeders and coaches to decide what they think,” he added.

While head coach Rahul Dravid and selectors Chetan Sharma would be delighted if their reserve fly-half manages to play exactly the way they want, they are also hopeful that Rahul and Rohit get enough games before the T20 World. Cut to be in the same area as Ishan.
Ishan is playing a high-risk game. He gets used to it. He is about to turn 24 and is only 11 years old. If he succeeds here, India may have to find a way to welcome Ishan into the first XI when all options are available.
It could be boom and bust or high risk and high reward for Ishan.


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