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Har haath mein




Harghar samradhi

.” (A smartphone for all, a drone for every land and prosperity for every home). On Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi – a day after completing eight years in power – described this as his dream for India as the country celebrates 75 years of independence, while opening the world’s largest drone exhibition. India at Pragati Maidan in Delhi. The Prime Minister spent around an hour at the various stands showing what all drones can do in all areas – from farming, mapping land, delivering lifesaving medicines and both in maintaining the order and defense of the country.
“I have asked all ministries to send their officers here to see how drone technology can best be used to improve the quality of life for ordinary citizens and further improve the ease of doing business. (Air Vehicles Without pilot or UAV) will usher in new governance in the new India,” Modi said.
The government has big plans to use drones in all areas, with a particular focus on agriculture and land mapping. “So far, 65 lakh property cards have been issued in rural India after surveying land using drones as part of our ‘


(property) regime. I met farmers at the drone festival who told me that this technology would help them grow more “long crops” which have been avoided until now because it was very difficult to walk among them to spray pesticides. Now drones will do this job. This will lead to an increase in the cultivation of pulses,” Modi said.
Drones will be used to spray pesticides while scientifically minimizing their use. “Drones will take agriculture to the next level. They will help solve the problems of low yield and crop deterioration,” he said.
The Prime Minister described how he uses drone technology to monitor development projects. “Every month, I organize a virtual meeting to monitor these projects. For example, during meetings concerning the redevelopment works of Kedarnath, the progress would be shown using drones. Going to a monitoring site means that all the world is alerted (there is no element of surprise). But by using drones, we monitor work in progress without anyone realizing that we are monitoring,” he said.
Modi virtually handed over 150 remote pilot licenses at Friday’s inaugural event. Union Aviation Minister JM Scindia said drones are an idea whose time has come and now nothing can stop this technology from developing. “Right now, we have 270 drone startups in India. Drones will very soon be a Rs 15,000 crore sector in the country. India will be the world leader in drone technology, the Dronacharya,” Scindia said.
The Union Ministry of Aviation is organizing here on Friday and Saturday the biggest drone event ever in India. Amber Dubey, co-secretary of the Ministry of Aviation and member of the “Bharat Drone Mahotsav 2022” organizing committee, recently told TOI: “This is one of the largest drone conferences in the world with more than 1 600 delegates from government, embassies, industry, young startups and universities expected at the inaugural session…the highlight of the inaugural session is the piloting of a rural property mapping drone by the Prime Minister , possibly the first head of state to fly a professional drone at a public event.


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