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BENGALURU: Only three half-centuries in five Ranji Trophy matches not up to the high standards he set for himself, but a no-nonsense Mumbai captain Prithvi Shaw also know that cricket is a mirror image of life where the changing chart is the only constant thing.
Mumbai’s main domestic mission in the Ranji Trophy final against a brave team from Madhya Pradesh is Shaw’s current mission and he doesn’t want his tunnel vision wavering thinking he’s not in England or even finding his name in the T20I team bound for Ireland.
“I scored a few (three) fifties but it’s not enough for me and no one even congratulated me after I scored fifty and you feel bad too (jokingly),” the Mumbai skipper replied to a question from PTI on the eve of the grand finale.
“It happens sometimes but I’m happy that my team is doing well. As captain I have to think about the 21 players I have here and not just me,” he added.
And then the flamboyant hitmaker became a bit of a philosopher.
“In cricket and in life the graph always goes up and down and it will never always go up. So it’s only a matter of time until I center those balls and get those big runs again. But at the moment I want to make sure that my team is doing well and enjoying their game,” said the skipper.
So, does a national return not bother him at all?
“It’s not on my mind at all, you know – coming back to the Indian team. Getting the Cup is my main motivation and I can’t think of anything but winning this one,” the skipper clarified. on its priorities.
“Preparing for what we did for the Ranji Trophy and not focusing on what’s happening outside. It’s about winning the Ranji Trophy and getting those happy times back.”
Message from young people to young people
At 22, Shaw has played 33 first-class games, but when someone asked him about his message for the “young people” on the team, everyone had to suppress their smiles.
But his answer showed what his trainer Amol Muzumdar had said earlier in the day – “Prithvi loves and has a knack for being a captain”.
“The first thing I would say is I’m proud of them and how far they’ve come and I just want to say, go out there and enjoy it. I tell the youngsters on the side it’s the same kind of thing you did at U-25 or U-19, just the degree of difficulty increases,” he said.
“For me, the result doesn’t matter, but the effort they put in. I just tell them, do what you’ve been doing all these years,” he said.
Great threesome from the same school
Shaw and the two pillars of this Mumbai team, Arman Jaffer and this season’s top scorer, Sarfaraz Khan, have one thing in common: they were all students of the same Rizvi Springfields school, known for its formidable cricket team that dominates Harris and Giles Shield events (Mumbai’s iconic school tournaments ).
“Myself, Sarfaraz and Arman went to the same school (Rizvi Springfield) when they were 9-10 years old. We came together and all three of us are doing pretty well so far for Mumbai cricket “, you could feel his pride.
While this is Prithvi’s second Ranji Trophy final (he made one in 2017 against Gujarat), Arman and Sarfaraz will be contesting their first clash at the top.
“It’s about how we see this game and it will be a different pressure for a lot of people,” he said.
“And we have a young team and not many of them have played these kind of finals and don’t have a lot of experience.
“But they’re ready for it and what they’ve been doing since the league games, that’s what I’ve been watching. We’ve got a skillful and talented team and what they’ve achieved so far, they haven’t only to continue for one more game.”
After five years I can make “eye contact” with Chandu sir
When Shaw first arrived from the Mumbai side, Pandit Chandrakant was the coach and as he led the 41-time champions into a Ranji final, the shrewd tactician will be at the other end.
“I think after five years I could make eye contact with Chandu sir,” he laughed cheekily.
“It wasn’t like that in 2016 or 17. Everyone knows Mr. Chandu is a tough guy and it’s good to meet him after a long time.
“I think he did well for MP because they reached the finals after so many years. We just talked for a few minutes and maybe we’re both entering the finals area and we didn’t want to not talk much.”
At his corner will be national legend Amol Muzumdar and Shaw has called his advice a “privilege”.
“Everyone knows that Amol sir has played a lot of national cricket and scored a lot of runs. He has all the experience and we are very lucky to have him,” he said.
“It’s good to have Amol sir in the locker room, sharing all his experiences. It’s a privilege. On and off the pitch, he’s very calm and we all enjoy his company, and what he’s done. for Mumbai cricket is exceptional and I hope he is really happy with the way we players reacted.”

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