How did the Taliban gain ground so quickly?


On Sunday, a member of the Afghan security forces crosses a road in Panjshir province.
On Sunday, a member of the Afghan security forces crosses a road in Panjshir province. AHMAD SAHEL ARMAN / AFP via Getty Images

After seizing much of the country in recent weeks, Taliban militants are now surrounding Kabul, the Afghan capital. Carter Malkasian, a former senior adviser to the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, explains that there are several reasons for the armed group’s rapid advancement.

“The Afghan forces, for a long time, have had problems with morale and also the will to fight the Taliban,” Malkasian, who is also the author of “The American War in Afghanistan: A History,” told CNN on Sunday. .

“First of all, the Taliban can present themselves as those who resist and fight the occupation, which is pretty close to what it means to be Afghan. While that’s a much harder thing for the government to claim, or military forces fighting for the government. “

He also said the Taliban’s repeated successes in capturing provincial towns will have had an impact on the confidence of Afghan security forces. “There is no doubt that morale suffers when the forces face defeat after defeat,” he continued.

“The more defeats you take, the more morale will deteriorate, so they’ve been going through this kind of chain reaction for, really, the last three months. And on the other side of the fence, the Taliban are emboldening success after success. , and this kind of aggravating effect makes it even more difficult for the Afghan forces to hold the ground. ”

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