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MPs voted to allow women in England to continue to access home abortion care after it was introduced during the pandemic.

The House of Commons voted 215 to 188, a majority of 27, in favor of the amendment proposed by the House of Lords earlier this month.

Before the pandemic, women had to come to a clinic in person to access abortion pills, but during the lockdown, women were able to receive the pills by mail.

The government had intended to withdraw the service in England from August, but the Lords voted to keep it when considering the Health and Care Bill.

Royal Assent is expected before the end of the current parliamentary session in May.

Labor MP Jess Phillips told MPs about her own abortion experience after falling pregnant shortly after the birth of her son, and said home services would allow women to take the drug sooner if they don’t didn’t have to wait for an appointment.

“One thing I would say about when I had an abortion is that the worst abortion process is waiting,” she told MPs.

“I had made the decision what I was going to do with my body. I made it the second I saw I was pregnant on a pregnancy test, because I am a grown woman , fully capable of handling my own body and knowing This is how we should treat every woman in this country.

Ms Phillips said she had to wait eight weeks after deciding she wanted an abortion, but added it was “some time ago”, before the birth control pill was even widely available.

“I had made that decision and I didn’t feel sad, I didn’t feel bad about it. I made the decision on behalf of my son, who was just born. In fact, I didn’t even no need for an excuse me, i didn’t want to have a baby, i just had one and it’s perfectly in my gift to make this decision.”


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