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DEHRADUN: The Char Dham yatra witnessed the death of 16 pilgrims within six days of its opening on May 3.
The majority of deaths were due to heart problems experienced by those visiting shrines located at altitudes between 10,000 feet and 12,000 feet.
Curiously, unlike pre-Covid times, the state did not require pilgrims to produce health certificates nor was there a cap on the number of pilgrims per day despite an announcement to that effect earlier.
Health department staff said the deaths were happening for multiple reasons. “There is no cap on the number of pilgrims and so the rush is too much at the checkpoint. People are skipping health tests and if someone is deemed unfit they are ready to commit in accident,” said Dr KS. Chauhan, Chief Medical Officer of Uttarkashi.
Reacting to the alarming number of deaths, Uttarakhand’s Minister of Health, Dhan Singh Rawat, told TOI, “We have already set up the best possible health facilities in the four dhams. We will soon be asking pilgrims to also carry health certificates.”

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