Harmony found at Wimbledon after a double confrontation between Tan and Korpatsch



France’s Harmony Tan dashed Serena Williams’ hopes of a Wimbledon revival in the bud, dramatically eliminating big tennis in an epic three-hour first round.

But after receiving applause from around the world for her performance, the next day Tan was slammed by her doubles partner, Tamara Korpatsch, for dropping out of their opening match.

“Unfortunately my doubles partner H. Tan retired from our doubles today,” Korpatsch wrote on Instagram Wednesday after Tan pulled out, apparently citing fatigue.

“She just texted me this morning. Let me wait here [until] one hour before the start of the game. I am very sad, disappointed and also very angry that I cannot play my first Grand Slam in doubles.”

In her post, Korpatsch said the situation wasn’t “fair” to her, adding, “If you’re broke after 3 a.m. [three-hour] game the day before, you can’t play professional. It’s my opinion.”

Korpatsch slammed Tan in a social media post, before announcing that the couple had reconciled.

But now, it seems, peace has been restored between the duo.

Korpatsch wrote on Instagram Thursday, “Me and Harmony have spoken and understood all the misunderstandings. She has made me understand her hurt now and we have already apologized.”

She added that she would delete her previous post and asked fans not to send “insults” to the player.


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