Harbhajan Mann’s Star Concept Had Potential But It Was Damaged By Poor Writing And Execution



PR Movie Review: Harbhajan Mann’s Star Concept Had Potential, But It Was Damaged By Poor Writing And Execution

STORY: Rajveer (Harbhajan Mann) travels to Canada in search of his lost love Amrita (Delbar Aarya), who hasn’t been in contact with him or anyone else in almost a year. Arriving in Canada, when he finally meets Amrita, he notices that she has completely changed. She is no longer the same innocent girl from Punjab, but someone who is completely painted in western culture and would do anything to get a PR.

OPINION: The film’s writer Manmohan Singh did a great job picking a subject like this for the big screen. The film revolves around what happens to people who travel to Canada in search of public relations. In a very subtle way, he tried to highlight the struggles faced by legal and illegal immigrants. While the thought and concept are undoubtedly very substantial and engaging, the storyline is unimpressive.

There are many gaps in the writing, and the character sketch of the main actors fails to establish a connection. You will understand the pain Rajveer goes through to find Amrita, but you can never understand his agony. Likewise, the story of Amrita will seem moving, but Amrita herself will not be able to find a place in your heart.

On the other hand, there were a few other little subplots in the movie that kept us entertained. For example, the family drama between the late actor-singer Sardool Sikandar, Amar Noorie and Karamjit Anmol is sure to have you laughing. In fairness, Sardool Sikandar and Karamjit Anmol are the real heroes of the film, and it was only their screen presence that kept the ship from sinking deep.

Moreover, the character of Kanwaljit Singh will also make you smile. Her big-hearted attributes and carefree attitude are simply infectious.

However, if you are going to watch the movie for Harbhajan Mann’s return, you will be disappointed. Unlike his earlier works, such as “Jee Aayan Nu”, in this film Mann’s character lacked conviction.

As far as the film’s music is concerned, it also left no trace among moviegoers and music lovers.


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