Giovanni Brusca, Sicilian mobster nicknamed the “Killer of people”, released from prison: report


Giovanni Brusca, a Sicilian mafia boss linked to dozens of brutal killings, has been released from prison after serving around 25 years behind bars, according to a report.

Nicknamed the “Killer of People,” Brusca confessed to being involved in more than 100 murders, including that of a child whose body was dissolved in acid and the murders of Italy’s top anti-Mafia investigator, his wife and three bodyguards, the BBC reported.

The child was the 11-year-old son of a rival gangster. Brusca ordered the boy to be kidnapped, tortured and strangled – then the remains dissolved so his family could not bury him, according to the BBC.

Brusca, now 64, was arrested in 1996 and then cooperated with the authorities to obtain a reduced sentence. The information he provided led to the arrests of many other gangsters, according to the report.

But the families of the victims and several Italian politicians spoke out against Brusca’s release.

“After 29 years, we still don’t know the truth about the massacre,” Tina Montinaro, the wife of one of the bodyguards killed, told the Republicca newspaper, “and Giovanni Brusca, the man who destroyed my family , is free”.


“It is not the ‘justice’ that Italians deserve,” said Matteo Salvini, leader of the right-wing League party.

“It’s a punch in the stomach that takes your breath away,” Enrico Letta, leader of the country’s Democratic Party, told Rtl 102.5 radio.

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