From “incredible” to “just brilliant”: Rory McIlroy lives the lows and highs of the Open


The golfer they try to spot limits in sight with typical recklessness and the crowd bursts with joy.

Rory McIlroy might be going through a rough patch on the golf course, but golf fans still love him.

After a generally booming race, he leaves the opening tee of the Open with determination and is greeted with a cacophony of “Come on, Rory”, especially from the young fans.

Having burst onto the scene as a young golfer, winning four majors and captivating the hearts and minds of many golf fans – especially those from the United Kingdom – McIlroy is an oft-searched name in the rankings, many him wishing good luck. every time he enters the course.

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McIlroy putt on the 6th green in his second round of the Open.

This year’s Open is no different – there are constant cries of encouragement as he sails the Royal St George’s course.

On the first hole, however, things didn’t quite go as planned for the Northern Irishman. He has to settle for a buggy – point out the loud moans of the gathered masses.

This is where the essence of being a fan of McIlroy lies, who last won a major in 2014, when he won the PGA Championship and the Open.

On 18 holes, you risk seeing glaring errors and missed shots. But you’ll also see some fabulous hits, which will make you wonder why he can’t do it more consistently.

And that volatility is why McIlory is making his way around the 18 holes, perhaps attracting such a dedicated following, with crowds of six or seven deep round greens cheering on the 32-year-old.

At the second hole, Mcllroy had to settle for another buggy, with a disappointed fan exclaiming, “It’s amazing.”

McIlroy takes the start of the 1st hole during his second round of the Open.

However, on the fourth par four hole, McIlroy as a magician conjures up a birdie to retrieve a back shot. “He’s just awesome,” said another McIlory fan.

And so on. Brilliant shots interspersed with wandering shots. Although there is a constant; the fans’ willingness to cheer on McIlroy no matter what.

Two birdies in the middle of his turn are greeted with enthusiastic applause. When the Northern Irishman has a key putt, it’s almost as if fans are trying to suck the ball into the hole, as their phones are pointed in his direction to document the moment.

A pair of late bogeys halt McIlroy’s rise in the standings – although a vital birdie on the 18th helps cover some of that damage – as he finishes the second round at par, nine hits behind the leader Collin Morikawa.

McIlroy took the start on the 16th during his second round of the Open.

But it’s a birdie that ensures McIlroy will play on Saturday and Sunday after making the cut, and give thousands more fans the chance to see him, and that familiar flippant, up and down the fairways.

“It’s awesome. It feels good,” McIlroy told the media after his round. “I think everyone has missed this tournament for the past two years.

“It’s good to see him again. I’ve had a lot of support there the last few days, and like I said I’m at least happy to walk into the clubhouse and make sure I ‘have a little more support over the next couple of days, as well. “

No nerves for the first time

Morikawa and his debut in the majors seem to go hand in hand.

The American won his first major tournament last year at the PGA Championship, his first appearance at the event.

This week, Morikawa is making his prestigious Open debut, and he’s showing no signs of nervousness.

On Friday, the 24-year-old netted a brilliant Under-64 to move up to Under-9 for the tournament and take the head of the clubhouse.

And it could have been even better for him, after an unusual buggy on the 15th hole caused him to miss many course and competition records.

He was only one shot off the course record, a shot tying the lowest 36-hole score in Open history.

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Morikawa is only playing his second professional tournament on European soil after the Scottish Open last week.

And with the experience he gained last week and his mentality in the majors, he thinks he is in a good position.

“We have four (majors) a year, and you’re definitely trying to win those four because they’re so big,” he told media.

“Speaking of last year’s PGA, I had played with all the guys, and that doesn’t change a thing. It’s just the stage we’re on, more media, more spectators, more people around .

“But that’s all I could control outside. For me, just go check out this golf course Monday through Wednesday as I have been for the past two years and figure out what I need. to play well. This style of golf is very different, but last week, as I said, has helped tremendously. “

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