Fox News poll: Biden nears 100-day mark

As Joe Biden draws closer to 100 days of his presidency, a Fox News poll reveals that a 54% majority of voters approve of his professional performance. That’s lower than Barack Obama’s 62% and George W. Bush’s 63% approval in their respective 100 days, but higher than the 45% Donald Trump received four years ago.

There is an 81 point gap on President Biden’s approval between Democrats (95%) and Republicans (14%). It’s even a little wider than the partisan gap of 76 points for former President Trump in April 2017.

In addition, concern over the coronavirus is at an all time high, and the highest percentage ever said the virus is at least somewhat under control. Eighty-one percent believe it is under control, an increase of 34 points since December.

This is the best news in the poll for Biden.

By a 31-point margin, voters say border security is worse than two years ago, a majority of 56% believe Biden’s election victory is wholly or mainly behind the increase in migrants to the southern border of the United States, and 67% are extremely or very concerned about illegal immigration.

Opinions about the economy are more than two-to-one negative: 29% rate it excellent / good and 69% rate it fair / poor. That has changed little since Trump’s tenure ended, when it was 33 to 66 percent. However, in January 2020, before the pandemic, 55% assessed the economic conditions positively, including a record 20% saying “excellent”.

The consistency between the current ratings and those for December masks major changes among supporters as they adjust to the change of occupant in the White House. Today, 46% of Democrats rate the economy positively, up 25 points since December. And only 17% of Republicans view it positively now, down 34 points.

The national poll, released on Sunday, also shows that while 53% of voters are not happy with the way things are going in the country, 45% are satisfied – the highest since January 2018. Since last summer, the the last time Fox asked the question, Republicans’ satisfaction turned to dissatisfaction and vice versa among Democrats. Discontent has remained stable among a majority of independents.

Biden’s job approval ratings are below 50% on every major issue, with one exception: 58% approve of the coronavirus (34% disapprove). Its ratings are lower, but still positive for healthcare (48% approve – 37% disapprove), economics (48-42) and foreign policy (42-41). More disapproval than approval on arms (36-49), border security (35-51) and immigration (34-52).

Among Hispanics, a group whose 2020 election support for Biden has fallen short of expectations, its overall 72% approval drops to 54% for his handling of immigration and 44% for border security.

Democrats and Republicans express high levels of concern (at least 60 percent extremely or very concerned) about the economy, gun laws, health care and infrastructure. Beyond these problems, strong partisan differences emerge. The top three concerns for Democrats are climate change, racism and healthcare. For Republicans, it’s illegal immigration, the economy, and voter fraud. Election fraud comes last for Democrats, while climate change is the least concern of Republicans.

In general, voters say they want lower taxes and less government. With a 56 to 36 percent margin, they would rather pay less tax and have a smaller government that provides fewer services at higher taxes to support a larger / more service government. Still, nearly half support Biden’s $ 2 trillion infrastructure plan (49-41 percent), and the majority prefer to pay for the plan by raising taxes on businesses and corporations (56- 39 percent) or families earning more than $ 400,000 per year (63-33 percent). ).

For reference, voters’ concern about the country’s infrastructure (68%) is slightly higher than concern about how much they pay in taxes (63%).

A majority of 54 percent is against increasing the number of US Supreme Court justices (35 percent in favor).

Regardless of how they voted in the election, more than three-quarters of voters (78%) want Biden to be successful, including 60% of Republicans. That’s about the same as the 80% overall and 63% of Democrats who felt that way about Trump in his first year.

More voters credit Biden with bipartisanship than GOP lawmakers: 45% think president “really made an effort” to work with Republicans in Washington, while 30% say Republicans in DC returned the favor . Much of this difference is due to the fact that 79% of Democrats believe Biden tried to work across the aisle. Only 43% of Republicans believe GOP leaders are doing the same.

Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are getting positive ratings. Biden receives a net +10 (54% favorable against 44% unfavorable). For Harris, it’s a slim +3 (49-46).

Most want to hear them more often: 77% of voters think it’s important for Biden and Harris to hold regular press conferences. This includes 87% of Democrats, 74% of Republicans and 62% of Independents.


Conducted April 18-21, 2021 under the joint leadership of Beacon Research (D) and Shaw & Company (R), this Fox News poll includes interviews with 1,002 randomly selected registered voters across the country who interviewed live interviewers on landlines and cell phones. The total sample has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus three percentage points.

Victoria Balara of Fox News contributed to this report.

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