Former Tory MP Victoria Borwick claims married colleague put his hand up her skirt | UK News


A former deputy mayor of London has said a married MP put his hand down her skirt in 2015 as Westminster battled a series of sexual misconduct allegations.

Speaking to Sky News, Victoria Borwick, who was a Tory MP when the alleged incident happened, explained she didn’t report it because she ‘just got on with her life’.

“You wonder sometimes if these things are kind of tests to see how you’re going to react or what you’re going to do about it,” she said.

When asked how she reacted, Ms Borwick added: “Well, I walked away. Even her hand wasn’t long enough.”

She said: “I mean, I guess I could have talked to the whips but I didn’t. I felt whining isn’t in my nature and I think I just kept on live.”

His story comes after Tory MP Neil Parish admitted watching porn in the Commons twice and eventually resigned from his position.

Victoria Borwick was Deputy Mayor of London from 2012 to 2015

Over the past few weeks, a series of damning allegations have plagued Westminster, prompting Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle to seek a review of his working practices.

In his call for ‘radical’ reform, Sir Lindsay suggested that individual MPs should no longer be the employers of their staff, adding that ‘some serious allegations have been made’.

He also said he was considering moving to an outside agency employing aides.

“Nothing like working in Westminster”

Ms Borwick told Sky News she would ‘not be the first MP’ to say there is a ‘very different culture in Westminster’ and she is ‘delighted’ to hear an inquiry is into the point of being launched.

“The whole building has a certain energy to it, but it’s not like the work practices I know,” she said.

“I come from a business background. I worked for a think tank, I work for charities and nothing is like working in Westminster.”

She explained that the lines can get “very blurry” with people working long hours, sometimes “all week away from their families”.

Neil Parish answers questions from reporters
Neil Parish resigned after admitting watching porn in the Commons

“I can see that if you’re away from home, and you have a lot of tempting opportunities around you from a lot of colleagues, you get to know very closely and those who could work for you, the situation can be very toxic,” Ms Borwick said.

“The thing is, they’re in a bubble. I think inevitably, maybe the boundaries are broken.”

What else happened at Westminster?

Ms Borwick’s story is the latest in a list of serious incidents of sexual misconduct or bullying to come out of the Commons.

Last week, Labor MP Liam Byrne turned out to have “ostracized” a former assistant and is now expected to be suspended from the Commons for two days.

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This happened after David Warburton withdrew the Tory Whip due to allegations of sexual harassment and cocaine use.

Former Conservative MP Imran Khan resigned after being convicted of sexual assault a 15 year old boy.

A total of 56 MPs would be charged with sexual misconductwith at least three Cabinet Ministers among those referred to the Independent Complaints and Grievances Regime.

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