Former Army Ranger: Taliban see US as “big cow ready to be slaughtered”


The Taliban see the United States as “the big cow on the hill ready to be slaughtered,” a former Army Ranger told Fox News in an interview about a fictitious letter to the United States he told Fox News about. written from the point of view of the extremist group.

Matthew Griffin told Fox News he co-authored the fictional letter to give Americans a take on how the Taliban and the rest of the world perceive the failures of the United States. The letter, “Written in the Taliban,” offers a scathing description of the United States, its citizens, its leadership and its military.

“If you don’t understand your enemy, you will lose,” Griffin, a veteran who flew three missions in Afghanistan, told Fox News. “We have spent the past 17 years fighting our enemy in Afghanistan without the ability of our leaders to understand our enemy.”

“I wanted our representatives, before going to vote for anything, to understand the futility of what they are going to do,” he continued.

In his article, Griffin highlights how the Taliban view America and American troops, writing: “You recruit your warriors from a drug addict, distracted, disillusioned population that is obsessed with comfort and entertainment … You are a fake. facade – an empty shell. You lie, cheat, steal, and are easily defeated because you don’t have the backbone to fight. ”


Speaking to Fox News, the former Army Ranger backed up ideas that Americans lack the strength and motivation to fight in a way that can match the Taliban.

“They grew up in war, in a life of misery and pain,” he said. “They are fighting for the opportunity to die and be blessed by God, forever.”

“We’re fighting for benefits, crappy healthcare, and three-day weekends,” he continued, noting that American citizens are growing up in a comfortable place. “It’s the difference between our fighters.”

The article, published on a blog on Saturday, is also critical of US military generals and their elected officials, calling them “weak, narcissistic and cowardly.”

Griffin told Fox News: “Very few general officers are actually willing to take the risk and do what it takes for combat. As for the elected officials, they should have known better.”

Griffin said he gained a better understanding of the Taliban perspective during his deployments to Afghanistan between 2003 and 2005.

“This is how the Taliban see our nation,” he told Fox News. “This is how the rest of the world sees our nation.”

“From their perspective, we’re the big cow on the hill ready to be slaughtered, and we’re giving them nothing but experience to believe it,” Griffin continued.


“As hard as it may be for people to consume, as hard as it may be for veterans to read this … they know that is the sad truth,” he told Fox News. “This is what our nation projects to the world.”

“We cannot continue on this galloping path of endless war,” he continued.

The combat veteran urged all Americans to “stand up and hold our elected officials accountable, then force a change.”

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