Emotional Shah Rukh Khan told NCB officer they were ‘painted like monsters’ after Aryan Khan’s drug arrest | Hindi Movie News



Shah Rukh Khan’s son, Aryan Khan, was recently charged with drugs in a cruise ship case, where he was arrested last year. After a difficult month in prison, the star son has been released. And a Special Investigations Team (SIT) has been set up to investigate the case. During this investigation, the first director of the NCB, Sanjay Singh, who headed the SIT, spoke with Shah Rukh Khan.

Revealing details of their interaction, Sanjay Singh told a news portal that Shah Rukh Khan raised concerns about his son’s mental and emotional state after the controversial episode. The BCN agent said SRK kept his son company at night as Aryan was not sleeping well. The emotional star also said they were portrayed as “some kind of big criminals or monsters who seek to destroy society,” Sanjay Singh told India Today. The officer also revealed that Aryan Khan told him about being treated like an international drug trafficker and questioned the charges against him, although officials found no drugs on him.

Aryan Khan has been given a clean rating following the lack of evidence against him in the case. Leaving this controversy behind him, Aryan wants to focus on his directorial aspirations. ETimes had exclusively reported that Aryan will soon be flying to the United States for a special project he wants to develop. He is also working on a few OTT projects.


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