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NEW DELHI: Amid continued protests from his party colleagues across the country, Rahul Gandhi spent more than 10 hours in his fourth appearance before the Law Enforcement Directorate on Monday and was summoned again on Tuesday for continue to record its statements in relation to the National Herald money laundering case. Since June 13, the Congress leader has already spent more than 40 hours in four visits to the ED headquarters to be questioned in this case.
Sources say Rahul has so far denied knowledge of dealings between the Young Indian, which is controlled by Gandhis and described as a charity, and Associated Journals Ltd (AJL), the paper’s publisher. national herald newspaper. ED alleged that YI took over AJL through alleged “fraudulent” dealings between YI and Congress.
Rahul told the agency that for all past dealings between YI and AJL, the former Congress Treasurer, the late Motilal Vora, was responsible and only he had knowledge of them, sources said.
Sonia Gandhi, who was released on Monday from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital where she was undergoing treatment for complications related to Covid, was summoned by the agency for questioning on Thursday, in the same case.
Meanwhile, several Congress leaders participated in protests against the Gandhis’ summonses and questioned the applicability of the money laundering charges against them. Congress said properties owned by AJL are still owned by it and have not changed ownership despite AJL being bought out by YI.
The ED questioned Rahul about the alleged criminal conspiracy in acquiring AJL’s 100% stake and properties valued at Rs 800 crore by the YI after paying Rs 50 lakh to Congress.
The agency also demanded details of charitable activities YI has carried out since its establishment in 2010 in light of its claim to be a charity. Sources alleged that ED’s investigation showed that YI had not so far engaged in any charitable causes, but had used AJL’s properties for business purposes after taking over and collected rents.
Rahul went about his usual routine when he appeared at the ED office on Monday, arriving around 11 a.m., taking an hour-long lunch break in the afternoon before joining the investigation which usually extends past 10 p.m. .
The ED obtained details of YI’s expenses since 2010, based on which he questioned Rahul about the very purpose of YI’s existence and the legitimacy of his dealings, including an ‘unsecured loan’ ” from a Kolkata-based front company for Rs 1 crore. The YI had also paid Rs 1 lakh in ‘commission’ to the front company for the ‘loan’.


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