Double trouble Sunday: SpiceJet flights return to Patna and Delhi after bird strike and cabin pressurization issue | India News



NEW DELHI: A Spice Jet Boeing 737 with around 200 people on board, it returned safely to Patna shortly after takeoff on Sunday afternoon after the airport received calls from locals who reportedly saw a fire in one of the engines.
The plane (VT-SYZ), at first sight, was hit by a bird during takeoff. The pilots of flight SG 723 shut down the affected engine and returned safely to Patna. Fortunately, no one was injured during this emergency landing.
“The plane had 185 passengers (including two infants) and six crew members (two pilots and four cabin crew). Engine number 1 was shut down and the plane returned safely to Patna. No one was injured,” said a senior DGCA official overseeing the case.

It was the second SpiceJet fear of flight on Sunday. A Dash8 Q400 flying from Delhi to Jabalpur as SG 2962 also had to return to origin shortly after liftoff. The turboprop (VT-SUU) suffered a “pressurization hiccup”.
During the initial climb, the crew observed that the cabin pressure differential did not accumulate with increasing cabin altitude. The aircraft leveled off at 6000 feet and an action checklist was completed. Pressurization was not restored.
An air U-turn was initiated and the plane landed safely in Delhi,” an official said.
Comments have been requested from SpiceJet on these twin cases and are awaited.


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