Derek Chauvin on trial for George Floyd death: live coverage



Use of force instructor Lt. Johnny Mercil of the Minneapolis Police Department said he had not seen former officer Derek Chauvin use a choke on George Floyd.

Mercil told defense attorney Eric Nelson he had trained hundreds of officers on how to use a neck restraint, which he said is defined as “tightening the sides of a neck. person”.

Mercil said that “it depends” when asked how much pressure it takes to make someone unconscious.

Factors include “the person’s size, your skills, whether or not they are on drugs or not, whether they have an adrenaline rush, heart rate, general physical health – there are just a lot of factors involved” , did he declare.

Mercil said that someone doesn’t necessarily need to apply a lot of pressure over a long period of time to make someone unconscious.

In his experience, it takes “less than 10 seconds” to render someone unconscious using a hose clamp.

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