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An engraving is a gentle way to personalize a watch, whether you want to engrave a heartfelt message, warning, or rude rejection into the caseback. However, getting a brand like Rolex to clean their precision dials with your company logo is a privilege reserved for very few. Although the practice is non-existent now, before the turn of the century, it was possible for companies and even large events to obtain Rolex commemorative coins with personalized dials. The Comex Rolex Submariners, made for the French diving company of the same name, are very valuable; The Air Kings with the Domino’s logo, originally given to store managers who reach $ 20,000 in weekly sales, are dormant hits; and once upon a time Rolex made watches for Cartier with the jeweler’s logo on them.

While Rolex has abandoned this tradition, its small brand Tudor is carrying the baton. This week, David Beckham wore a Tudor Pelagos emblazoned with the seal of Inter Miami, the MLS expansion team the soccer star has been working on since 2014 (zoomed in here). Those in the market for co-branded dials found a willing dance partner in Tudor. Recently, the brand has made dials with the London Metropolitan Police Royalty and Specialist Protection Unit and the passionate group Qatar Watch Club, found the watch blog Time and Tide. Also this week, GQ cover star Steven Yeun keeps it classy and Chris Paul wears yet another beautiful Patek Philippe.

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David Beckham’s Custom Tudor Pelagos

Even if you can’t get one tailor-made for you or your work project, the Pelagos makes a great watch. While the Black Bay is Tudor’s liveliest watch, the Pelagos is its workhorse. The Pelagos is Tudor’s true tool watch: the watch is the first in the Rolex family to be made of titanium, which makes it very light despite its size of 42mm. The watch can also dive to 500 meters; the Black Bay, for comparison, is waterproof up to 200. All the while, the Pelagos retains the rugged beauty we’ve come to expect from a Tudor, with its matte dial and snowflake hands.

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Omega De Ville Trésor by Steven Yeun

Steven Yeun has proven this week that he is nothing if not versatile. In our GQ On the cover with the actor, Yeun stripped off cowboy hats, chunky western belt buckles, bolo ties and fringed pants like a rodeo regular. The night before her cover fell, Yeun dressed in Prada for the Critics’ Choice Awards, with an equally versatile Omega watch. If the brand is best known for its very sporty Speedmaster, De Ville Trésor de Yeun is a dress watch par excellence. This cowboy cleans well.

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Chris Paul’s Patek Philippe Nautilus

Call him Chris Patek! Just a few weeks ago, we featured Paul wearing an incredibly rare Patek World Time, and now he’s back with another amazing product from the brand. Collectors who were on the waiting list for the recently discontinued Nautilus 5711 are looking away.

Everyone else: Enjoy this rose gold version of Paul’s wrist watch. While the 5711 is praised for its simplicity – blue dial plus stainless steel case and only a date window – it was clearly a bit too tame for Paul.

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Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra by Daniel Kaluuya

The Omega Seamaster is technically another of the brand’s sports watches. Introduced in 1993 and famously worn by Pierce Brosnan’s 007, the Seamaster is a watch Bond could wear to a black-tie event he knows will end in chaos. This version is the one you’d wear to a never-ending night of an action movie, though. Kaluuya’s all-gold version of the Seamaster might be a far cry from its maritime heritage, but if you take a closer look you’ll see a nice nod to its original purpose. The vertically split design of the dial is meant to evoke the look of planks on the deck of a boat.

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Vincent wulveryck

Cartier Santos by Paul Mescal

Paul Mescal Knows How To Make Jewelry: The 2020 crush alone fueled a chain necklace obsession when his character Connell wore one last summer Normal people. Now he’s making the Cartier Santos look just as cool – not that the watch needs a lot of help. 175,000 people follow an Instagram account dedicated to Connell’s chain necklace; Think of me as a single account for Cartier de Mescal.


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