Cuomo in “combative mood” even as his assistants try to convince him to quit


Cuomo, a source said, can’t seem to cope with the end of his tenure, telling those around him: “I need more time.”

Another source in close contact with the governor’s close advisers said “no one in his inner circle of friends or staff” believed, last week, that Cuomo would survive politically and would have to resign or face impeachment. Despite the consensus, “he thinks he can wait,” the source said.

A report released last week by New York Attorney General Letitia James detailed the allegations of 11 women and found Cuomo engaged in “unwelcome and non-consensual touching,” among other allegations. The governor insisted he had done nothing wrong and made no indication in a video response after the report was released that he would resign.
Comments from people close to Cuomo’s inner circle provide new insight into the governor’s thinking nearly a week after the damning report was released, which led to a barrage of calls for the governor’s resignation from the Main Democrats of State and nationals, including President Joe Biden, House President Nancy Pelosi and the two US Senators from New York. Cuomo also faces a swift impeachment effort from state lawmakers.
Cuomo's senior aide Melissa DeRosa resigns as governor faces possible impeachment

CNN has contacted Cuomo’s office for comment.

Asked about the pressure to resign, Rita Glavin, Cuomo’s personal lawyer, told CNN’s Erica Hill on “Erin Burnett OutFront” Monday that at the moment “the governor is very focused on obtaining evidence from the Assembly. and on the possibility of making a submission to the Assembly “as part of its impeachment process.

Still, Cuomo was in a “fighting mood” over the weekend even as many of his closest allies question the third-term governor’s ability to survive the scandal and some brace for term end. governor, according to Rev. Al. Sharpton, who spoke to several people close to Cuomo over the weekend.

“The people around him are looking for the next chapter in their life, I’ll put it that way,” Sharpton, a civil rights activist who has long been involved in New York politics, told CNN. “Where can I find a job? “

One of Cuomo’s main collaborators, Melissa DeRosa, resigned Sunday evening. The 38-year-old, who held the most senior position in the state, appeared throughout James’ report.

“I told them – I don’t see how he survives,” Sharpton added of his conversations with Cuomo’s advisers over the weekend.

New York State Democratic Party Chairman Jay Jacobs also questioned Cuomo’s ability to stay in office amid the scandal, telling CNN on Monday that “no one in his right mind” would say, to At this point, to the governor “that he’s going to be something other than a very bad result here” if he doesn’t resign.

Jacobs, who called on Cuomo to step down last week, also said the governor was fully aware of the gravity of his outlook – especially if the State Assembly were to move forward with impeachment and the advanced process to the State Senate for trial. .

“He does not have the votes in the Assembly, which will indict him. He does not have the leadership of the Assembly, which will lead the impeachment. There is no one holding this back,” said Jacobs.

He continued, “They are all in favor of moving forward. And then you go to the Senate and you forget it. And he made it clear to me that he understands that if he gets to the Senate, he’s gone. He knows it. “

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, a Democrat, told reporters on Monday that the Cuomo impeachment inquiry process could be completed in a matter of weeks, saying: “You want to make sure things are going well, but also quickly. ”

Since March, the Assembly Judiciary Committee has examined Cuomo in four areas: allegations of sexual harassment, deaths in nursing homes from Covid-19, the usurpation of state resources for personal gain and the cover-up allegations of damaged bridge bolts on the Mario Cuomo Bridge, named after the former New York governor who is Andrew Cuomo’s father.

This story has been updated with comments from Governor Andrew Cuomo’s lawyer Rita Glavin.

CNN’s Elizabeth Joseph, Lauren del Valle and Veronica Stracqualursi contributed to this reporting.

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