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The countdown
  • India Sunday reported 2,828 Covid cases and 14 deaths. The cumulative number of cases is 4,31,53,043 (17,087 active cases) and 5,24,586 deaths
  • Worldwide: Over 527 million cases and over 6.28 million deaths.
  • Vaccination in India: Over 1.9 billion doses. Worldwide: Over 11.3 billion doses.
Adding Bone Loss to the Long Covid Effect
Adding Bone Loss to the Long Covid Effect
  • A new study has found that Covid-19 can cause severe bone loss during acute and post-recovery phases. The long-term adverse health effects of SARS-CoV-2 are described as Long Covid.
  • Bone loss is due to inflammatory activation of bone resorption cells, said researchers from the University of Hong Kong whose findings were published in the journal Nature Communications.
  • The study, a world first to report complications of Covid-19 on bone metabolism, was conducted using a well-established Syrian hamster model that closely mimics SARS-CoV-2 infection. in man.
  • So far, Covid survivors have reported some debilitating and persistent symptoms related to the functioning of the heart, brain, lungs and other parts of the body. The impact of the new viral disease on bone metabolism is not yet fully understood.
  • The study on Syrian hamsters using microcomputerized three-dimensional computed tomography (CT scans) showed that SARS-CoV-2 infection induced severe bone loss – from 20% to 50% gradually.
  • Post-Covid bone loss was most severe in trabecular bone (very porous tissue close to the bone marrow), long bones and lumbar vertebrae (in the abdominal segment).
  • In the acute to chronic phases of Covid-19, pathological osteopenia (loss of protein and mineral content of bone tissue) has been shown to be linked to the inflammatory activation of osteoclasts – a type of cell responsible for bone resorption.
The recall shots escape the recipients of Sputnik V
The recall shots escape the recipients of Sputnik V
  • What: Even if people who had taken Covaxin or Covishield continue to receive their booster shots, those who took the Russian-made Sputnik V vaccine are still waiting their turn for the precautionary shot.
  • Why: In the absence of guidelines for the booster rollout for Sputnik V, many who are already eligible for the third dose do not know where and when they can take the booster dose.
  • How: The Center, in the first week of May, had given a nod to Sputnik Light as a booster dose for those who had been inoculated with the Russian-made vaccine for their first and second dose. Despite the green signal, the Department of Health has yet to issue guidelines for hospitals to begin offering the booster dose.
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Written by: Sushmita Choudhury, Tejeesh Nippun Singh, Jayanta Kalita, Prabhash K Dutta
To research: Rajesh Sharma


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