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NEW DELHI: As protests against the Center Agnipath regime entered its fifth day on Sunday, opposition parties continued to attack the government and demand a rollback.
At a three-service press conference in the afternoon, Defense Ministry officials gave further details on how the program will be launched.
Here’s an overview of the day’s developments so far:
People named in FIR for vandalism cannot join: MoD official
Agnipath aspirants will be required to provide a certificate stating they were not involved in a violent protest or arson, Lt. Gen. said Anil Puri, Additional Secretary, Department of Military Affairs, MoD. Speaking at a three-service press conference, he also said police vetting of candidates would be carried out and those named in the FIR would not be considered for Agnipath.
He said reforms to the armed forces recruitment process are long overdue and aim to reduce the average age of the forces. He affirmed that there will be no turning back of the program.
Vice Admiral Dinesh Tripathi said women can also join the Agnipath program to enlist in the Navy.
“The Indian Navy currently has 30 female officers serving on different Indian Navy vessels. We have decided that under the Agnipath program we will also recruit female officers. They will also be deployed on naval vessels,” he said. he declares.
From November 21 this year, the first naval “Agniveers” will start reaching the INS Chilka training establishment in Odisha, he added.
Congress holds Satyagraha, says plan ‘will end army’
Congress workers held a ‘satyagraha’ on Sunday at New Delhi’s Jantar Mantar in solidarity with young people protesting against the central government’s Agnipath recruitment scheme.
Congress Secretary General Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said on Sunday that the project will “kill the youth” of the country and “finish off the army”. She said that the government does not work for the poor and the young but for the big industrialists.
“This scheme will kill the youth of the country, put an end to the army… Please see the intention of this government and overthrow it. Bring in a government that is loyal to the nation and protects the assets of the country. I urge you to peacefully protest but do not stop,” she said in her remarks.
No change introduced in defense sector for 80 years: PM Modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday that several measures taken by the government for the welfare and welfare of India and its people take on a political color.
While noting that no changes have been introduced in the defense sector over the past 80 years, Prime Minister Modi said his government is now trying to introduce changes aimed at improving the sector.
The Prime Minister made the statement during the inauguration of the main tunnel and five underpasses of the Pragati Maidan Integrated Transit Corridor project.
IAF publishes details about the Agnipath schema
The Indian Air Force (IAF) released details of Agnipath’s recruitment scheme on Sunday amid ongoing unrest and widespread protests against the scheme in several states.
The recruitment process will start from June 24. The IAF document lists eligibility, educational qualification, medical standards, assessment, time off, compensation, life insurance coverage, etc., among many other factors. As the recruitment process is also open to under 18s, the registration form will need to be signed by parents for aspirants under 18, the IAF notification says.

“After the four-year period, each Agnitate will accrue to the company, based on the organizational requirements and policies promulgated by the IAF,” the document states, explaining the benefits the government will provide to the 75% who are not retained.
Recognize “false nationalists”, country with you: Priyanka to young people
Urging young people to recognize “fake nationalists”, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Sunday pledged her party’s full support for those peacefully protesting against the Center’s Agnipath program for recruitment into the armed forces.
She made the remarks as MPs and Congress leaders sat on a ‘Satyagraha’ at Jantar Mantar here in solidarity with young people protesting against the controversial bill.
“There is no greater patriot than you. I want to tell you, open your eyes and recognize the fake nationalists and the fake patriots. The whole country and Congress are with you in your fight,” said the Secretary General of Congress in his remarks aimed at young people protesting against the Agnipath program.
Rajnath meets with Army, Navy and IAF chiefs
Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh met the three service chiefs on Sunday amid growing protests against the ‘Agnipath’ military recruitment scheme in several parts of the country.
It was Singh’s second meeting with army, navy and air force chiefs for the second consecutive day on the issue. There was no official comment on the meeting.
We learn that the objective of the deliberations was to pacify the demonstrators.
The additional secretary, Lieutenant General Puri, will address the presser
Department of Additional Military Affairs General Secretary Anil Puri will give a press conference on Sunday in South Block on the new recruitment program model, around 2 p.m., the government said.

“The Prime Minister forces young people to walk on Agnipath of unemployment”
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi launched a scathing attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday and said that by repeatedly giving false hope of jobs he has forced young people to walk on the ‘agnipath’ of unemployment .
He also said that 16 million jobs were to be awarded in eight years, but young people had only learned about “frying pakoras”.
“By repeatedly giving false hopes of jobs, the Prime Minister has forced the country’s youth to march on the ‘Agnipath’ of unemployment,” Rahul Gandhi said in a tweet in Hindi.

“In 8 years, 16 million jobs were to be created, but young people only learned about frying pakoras,” said the former congress leader. Only the Prime Minister is responsible for this state of the country, he added.
Resume ‘Agnipath’ to Avoid Repeating Farm Laws: Pilot
On Sunday, Congress Leader Sachin Pilot urged the government not to be ‘stubborn’ and immediately withdraw the new Agnipath military recruitment program for wider consultations to avoid a repeat of the Farm Bills episode. .

He also claimed that the country had been kept “in permanent turmoil” over the past few years, and that the culmination of factors such as the rejection of the “Agnipath” program, unemployment, and economic and agrarian distress had resulted in the ” serious reaction”. of the youth.
‘Is this MGNREGA-like stage for educated youth or the hidden agenda of the RSS?’
RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav said on Sunday there were many doubts about the project in the minds of young people and demanded that it be withdrawn.
He asked if this was an MGNREGA-type initiative for educated youth or if there was a “hidden agenda” of the RSS. Yadav also called on young people to peacefully protest against the scheme.
Why is Prime Minister Narendra Modi silent on the whole issue, he asked. He said the government talks about “one rank, one pension”, but has come up with a “no rank, no pension” system.
The former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar posed 20 questions to the government, saying there are many doubts in the minds of the people which should be cleared up by the government.
“Protests are taking place in many parts of the country and there is anger among those who want to become soldiers,” he said. Yadav demanded that the program be withdrawn.
Rahul asks party workers not to celebrate his birthday
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who turned 53 on Sunday, asked his supporters to refrain from celebrating his birthday as young people are sad. The appeal comes against the backdrop of a large protest against the Agnipath regime.
In an appeal, he said, “I call on all Congress workers and my supporters across the country not to hold any celebrations on my birthday.”
The Congress will hold a ‘Satyagrah’ against the Agnipath project at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi on Sunday.
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