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A pub owner said he felt Glastonbury had been brought to him after Coldplay frontman Chris Martin stopped by and played the piano for lucky traders.

Chris Parkin, 47, described ‘the most surreal five minutes ever’ when the star and his girlfriend, actress Dakota Johnson, visited The Stag Inn in Hinton Charterhouse late Sunday afternoon .

The singer-songwriter jumped on the piano after a couple in the pub, planning their wedding, mentioned that their first song would be Coldplay’s A Sky Full of Stars.

Mr Parkin said Martin asked him if he wanted him to play it.

In a video posted by the pub, the star asks the couple their names before playing his band’s hit song in the room.

The pub owner said: “It was really great, great time.

“It’s always a bit of a shock, things like that.

“It was one of those things where you’re like, ‘It’s true, it’s happening,'” he added.

Mr Parkin said he had been to every Glastonbury since 1995 but having stopped attending in recent years he did not feel like he had missed out this time thanks to Martin’s visit.

“It was as if Glastonbury had visited me,” he added.

“I saw their first gig at Glastonbury and I’ve seen every other Glastonbury gig they’ve ever done, so I kind of saw them grow as a band.

“Love them or hate them, they’re part of British culture, aren’t they?

When Martin first walked into the pub Mr Parkin said he had seen Martin and said ‘he looks a bit like Chris Martin’.

“And his PA said ‘Yeah, that’s Chris Martin,'” he added.

The pub owner said he did not recognize Dakota Johnson until the kitchen staff told him who she was.

He also introduced Martin to his 13-year-old son, Alfred, who is a budding pianist.


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