Chrissy Teigen wishes husband John Legend a happy father’s day amid cyberbullying scandal


Chrissy teigen gave her husband, John Legend, a special shout out for Father’s Day on Sunday.

“There are no words. Only tears that I’m fresh out of,” Teigen wrote in an Instagram post. “For our all, we love you forever.”

Legend, who has been married to Teigen since 2013, responded to his wife’s post with several heart emojis.


The post comes just a day after Teigen issued his final apology amid cyberbullying accusations from former “Project Runway” student Michael Costello, who claims “Cravings” author. sent him derogatory messages in 2014 on social media it made her have suicidal thoughts. Costello posted screenshots of the alleged posts earlier this week, with Teigen’s team firing back with a lengthy response claiming the alleged exchanges were bogus.

“Chrissy Teigen has apologized very clearly and with regret for the callous public tweets she made a decade ago,” read the latest apology on her Instagram. “She neither acknowledged nor apologized for sending private messages directing or encouraging self-harm.”

The statement added that Teigen is “completely surprised and disappointed with the recent Michael Costello attack, which includes fictitious 2014 ‘screenshots’ of alleged private messages Chrissy did not send.”

While Teigen’s team admitted to posting a comment on Costello’s Instagram in October 2014 when accused of making a racist remark, they clarified that the post was later deleted after Costello had denied the accusation, saying it was based on a photoshopped comment.

“Chrissy has never conspired with anyone to harm her career,” the statement added.


Friday, the Costello rep responded to complaints from the Teigen team that the purported direct messages the two exchanged had “inconsistencies” indicating their inauthenticity, such as Teigen not having a blue checkmark verified next to his ID name and icon images not corresponding to what looked like his profile at the time.

In a statement to Fox News on Friday, the “Project Runway” alumni representative said: “The fact that Chrissy Teigen’s team is desperate to prove that DMs are bogus and tries to discredit trauma victim Michael Costello and of bullying by Chrissy Teigen both online and offline, confirms that she remains the same bully, despite her public apology. “

“When a victim feels that his only recourse is to speak out, and that the aggressor’s first act is to discredit the victim and publicly shame him, it perpetuates the victim’s blame and costs money. lives. Seven years ago, when Michael Costello presented Chrissy Teigen with direct evidence that the alleged racist comment she saw was false, she refused to believe it. Now his team is quick to discredit the character of Michael in an attempt to save his image and his partnerships negatively impacted by his ten-year problematic behavior, ”his statement continues.

“Beyond the DMs and public comments Chrissy Teigen left on Michael Costello’s Instagram for the whole world to see, there are emails and unpublished documents that confirm that Chrissy Teigen went to the – beyond social media to take Michael Costello offline, causing him to endure more than seven years of suffering – mentally and financially. Costello is just one of many victims who live with lasting and unhealed trauma from the behavior of ‘bullying Chrissy Teigen for a decade,’ added the Costello rep.


Legend defended his wife, writing in a Twitter thread Friday that the alleged exchanges posted by Costello were “fabricated.”

“Honestly, I don’t know why anyone would pretend to fit into this narrative, but that’s what happened,” Legend said. “I encourage anyone who is spreading this breathless lie to keep the same energy when correcting the record.”

Costello and Legend began to comment on social media about the allegations and the messages that followed the initial tweet.


Amid the accusations, Teigen recently said she would be “move back” of its Safely cleaning brand “to be with your family”.

Costello responded with another statement via his rep in the wake of Teigen’s announcement, writing, “The fact that Chrissy Teigen and her crisis team are working so hard, so strategically to get out, against DMs that it makes me feel bad. sent, and to minimize the comments she posted publicly on my Instagram, only prove that she’s the same bully she always has been, despite her bogus apologies to the public. “

“I’ll say it again. Chrissy Teigen went out of her way to shut the doors of my career by making calls, texting, telling colleagues and companies that if I was attached to a project, she wouldn’t work. not with them. I have received emails and confirmations from these individuals and companies, ”Costello said.

He then vowed that his last statement would be the last because the whole ordeal “has been like a nightmare, not just for me, but for my family”.

“I apologize to everyone else involved in this messy situation, and I apologize for all the stress and trauma it has caused,” he said. “A lot of damage has been done on both sides. Everyone is in pain. [sic] is a messy situation for everyone. But I have told the truth and I have nothing more to say and nothing in me to continue fighting against her. “

“Going forward, I’m taking a break from social media for my mental health. I hope everyone can respect my privacy, my decision,” Costello added. “I will not comment further.”

Other past actions that Teigen apologized for allegedly encouraged Courtney Stodden to take her own life and suggested that Lindsay Lohan hurt yourself physically out of jealousy. Farrah Abraham too accused her of intimidation her in 2013.

Fox News’s Mariah Haas and Julius Young contributed to this report

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