CBI digs into premises of Ashok Gehlot’s brother, Rajasthan CM links action to role in ‘movement’ for Rahul | India News



JAIPUR/JODHPUR: Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot said the move against his brother is not going to panic him and, on the contrary, will ultimately hurt the BJP, PTI reports.
“If I’m active in Delhi or I was part of this movement for Rahul Gandhi, then why are they taking revenge on my brother? When there was a political crisis here in our government in 2020, at that time also the ED raided my brother,” he said, as quoted by PTI.

“It’s not fair. We’re not going to panic about this… None of my family is involved in politics. It’s incomprehensible that they carried out an ED raid first, and now a CBI raid… In the end, the loss will only be for the BJP and the central government, the more they harass the people of the country, the more negative impact they will suffer,” he said.
In its FIR, the CCR had alleged that subsidized fertilizer intended for farmers was being exported to other countries, causing a loss of around Rs 52.8 crore to the Treasury. He had registered a case against 15 defendants including private companies based in Gujarat, Rajasthan, West Bengal etc. and its directors, owners, partners and other unknowns over these allegations.
The raids come amid protests from Congress on the questioning of the ED Rahul in a money laundering case related to the National Herald case.

“At least 65 CBI officials have carried out searches in 17 different locations in Rajasthan, Gujarat and West Bengal since Friday morning in connection with the case. A team of 10 CBI officers raided the house of Agrasen Gehlot at Mandore, in Jodhpur. Agrasen…is the owner of M/S Anupam Krishi, Jodhpur,” a CBI officer said on condition of anonymity.
Speaking to YOU, Vikas Bhalla, Agrasen’s lawyer in Rajasthan HC said, “We cooperated with ED in this matter.” Officials did not release details of the seizures made in the raids, but said they would expand search operations if they found new evidence.
According to CBI sources, the case is linked to alleged corruption in the import of muriate of potash (MoP), also known as potassium chloride, which was to be given to farmers at a subsidy of around 80 % offered by the government. In the FIR, it was alleged that the imported MoP had been repackaged into industrial salt, fluorspar and exported to Southeast Asian countries, Saudi Arabia and other markets.
It was also alleged that the subsidy offered by the government was claimed by the defendant through sham transactions.
What is the Fertilizer Scam?
The alleged irregularities relate to the import and use of muriate of potash (MoP). It is imported by Indian Potash Ltd (IPL) and distributed to farmers, through companies, at subsidized rates. IPL manages the import, promotion and marketing of potash throughout the country and supplies it at subsidized rates to farmers.
According to officials, between 2007 and 2009, Agrasen Gehlot, who was an authorized IPL dealer, bought MoP at subsidized rates and, instead of distributing it to farmers, sold it to a few companies, who then sold it. exported to other countries. MoP is on the list of prohibited items for export.
The Tax Intelligence Directorate had uncovered the irregularities in 2012-13. The Customs Service initially filed a complaint against Agrasen. Based on the customs indictment, ED had filed a money laundering complaint against three companies and their owners, including Agrasen. The CBI has now registered a complaint against 15 companies and their owners.


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