California nude photo scandal Dem Katie Hill doesn’t stop her from considering another congressional candidacy


Former Rep. Katie Hill, D-Calif., Is set to run for Congress again after stepping down from her seat due to fallout from an inappropriate affair with a campaign assistant.

Republican Representative Mike Garcia has overthrown his former seat in California’s 25th Congressional District.


“I mean, that’s really the question that goes through my head all the time, and especially when I see Mike Garcia and what he’s doing,” Hill told the Los Angeles Times in a story Thursday. “I won by almost 9 points; Biden won the district by 10 points. It’s not a district that should be represented by someone who is so conservative.”

“I don’t feel I have to [seek office], other than showing that people can get over some things, and if you are on a mission to do something and people are trying to turn you away from it, don’t let them, ”she told the Los Angeles Times . “But I don’t I don’t know if that’s a sufficient reason.”

Former Rep. Katie Hill, D-Calif., Is considering another congressional candidacy.  (AP Photo / Owen Cliff, file)

Former Rep. Katie Hill, D-Calif., Is considering another congressional candidacy. (AP Photo / Owen Cliff, file)

Hill now runs HER Time, a PAC she founded to help elect women and youth. She said she could do another run for Congress “if the cards line up.”

“I hope people get the impression that their support has not been in vain, and that maybe it is taking a different direction from what each of us thought, but it is always going somewhere,” Hill told the Los Angeles Times. “And, you know, if the cards line up, then I could hit them again.”

Hill, a former rising Democratic star, was ordered earlier in June to foot the legal bill of a British newspaper and a few journalists following a ruling against her revenge porn lawsuit.

She took to social media to express her outrage at the judge ordering her to “PAY the Daily Mail over $ 100,000 for the privilege of posting nude photos of me obtained from an attacker. The system. justice is broken for the victims. “

Hill filed a complaint in December against her ex-husband and several media outlets for allegedly distributing “non-consensual porn”, including nude photos of herself and an employee, which sparked a scandal which forced her to resign from Congress in 2019.

The lawsuit claimed Hill’s ex-husband Kenneth Heslep and Mail Media Inc., parent company of The Daily Mail, and Salem Media Group Inc., owner of RedState, had conspired and broadcast intimate relationships. pictures of her without her consent. Los Angeles Review reported that Heslep, whom Hill accused of abuse, remains a defendant in the case.

The Fox News investigation to HER Time was not returned at the time of publication.

Edmund DeMarche of Fox News contributed to this report.

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