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Kanpur’s head of violence accused Hayat Zafar Hashmi.

KANPUR: Hayat Zafar Hashmi, the main defendant in the June 3 violence in the city, has revealed several sources, including builders, businessmen and political officials, who were involved in funding his organization.
“Hashmi accepted that he was involved in the crowdfunding. Also, he received a huge amount of money through statewide donations that came to his Maulana Mohammad Ali Jauhar Fans Association. He also accepted people from many districts in the state to be associated with his organization,” an interviewer told TOI on condition of anonymity.
Hashmi and his three aides who police say are members of the People’s Front of India (PFI) were remanded in custody on Saturday. The Law Enforcement (ED) Directorate, meanwhile, has also approached Kanpur Police for details of those three PFI members – Saifullah, Mohammad Naseem and Mohammad Umar – who were arrested in Kanpur on June 9.
Officials investigating the matter said that although Hashmi revealed the sources of funding, he remained silent on issues related to their direct link to the violence in Parade and its adjacent areas on June 3 after Friday prayers. .
“He also tried to save his own skin several times saying that he withdrew the appeal he had made earlier to protest the insult of the Prophet by BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma during a debate on a news channel,” the official said.
The other defendants arrested with Hashmi, however, admitted to being involved in the violence, the official said.
Hashmi and his three assistants are in pretrial detention for two days from Saturday. ATS and SIT officials interviewed him and his associates multiple times at a South City neighborhood police station.
ATS sources said there were more than two dozen white-collar people on its radar. The officers prepared their list after a thorough investigation. In this, the white-collar workers involved in the violence aided anti-social elements behind the scenes, sources said.
The name of a woman from Lucknow also surfaced during the inquest. “At the same time, relations with Lucknow of Javed, who was arrested along with Hashmi, of Lucknow, are being probed,” sources said.
Meanwhile, the ED plans to scan the financial transactions of PFI members to determine if there has been money laundering on their part. The ED scanner came on the members of the PFI after Kanpur Police uncovered leads that the main defendant Hashmi was in contact with the three and may have obtained funds from them to mobilize the crowd and organize the demonstration.
“All three, Saifullah, Mohammad Naseem and Mohammad Umar, affiliated with the PFI, were also identified during violence in 2019. They had also been arrested during the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in 2019” said Vijay Singh Meena, Kanpur Police Commissioner, while chatting with reporters.
The ED sources said they would first take details of the case from Kanpur police and then scan the transactions of the three defendants and Hayat Zafar.
On June 3, a dozen people were reportedly injured in a clash in Kanpur during a protest over an alleged “insult” to the Prophet Muhammad during a debate on a prominent TV channel. Crowds threw bombs and rocks at each other after groups of people tried to force shopkeepers to close shutters in the city’s Nai Sadak and Yateemkhana neighborhoods after Friday prayers.
Last year, the ED in its charge sheet said that the men of the Popular Front of India (PFI) obtained funds from foreign countries and used them to disturb communal harmony in Hathras after the alleged rape of a Dalit girl which led to her death in September 2020.


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