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BTS recently shared their 9
e anniversary in the form of Festa Dinner Party and it was truly a “bittersweet” moment for the band and millions of their fans worldwide.

On the evening of June 14
eBTS shared their annual celebration video titled Festa Dinner Party 2022. The hour-long video aired on the Bangtan TV channel on OTT, in which the BTS members were seen having a group dinner in their dorm. as they shared their nostalgic moments, their current lives. , hopes and fears and their plans for the future on the occasion of their 9
e anniversary.

The video started on a happy note as the members congratulated each other after 9 years together as a team, eating and drinking together while catching up. Gradually, they began to express their thoughts while trying to balance their emotions as well as those of their audience.

They started by mentioning that although they quit the dorm lifestyle, they were celebrating dinner there because their contract with the dorm had ended. BTS then shared memorable incidents from when they lived together under one roof.

The septet further explained why they released an “anthology” album in their 9th year. That’s when things started to get serious.

BTS revealed that their “Phase 1” was to end after their hit single “Map Of The Soul: 7” was released in early 2020, followed by a widely planned world tour including countries they had never been to before such as the Australia, India and Barcelona. However, Covid happened and all of their plans had to be postponed, leaving the members devastated. They still decided to work together and pull it off, which led to the release of hits like Dynamite, Butter, Life Goes On and Permission to Dance. All the while, they felt like “painfully rushing to satisfy the audience,” as the SUGA member said.

Eventually, BTS announced a “partial hiatus” from group activities and the continuation of solo projects in the near future. This announcement made in Korean translated as “BTS on indefinite hiatus” and caused a stir around the world.

They detailed this saying that each of them possesses an entirely different personality, but they had come together in 2013 because they had stories to tell the public through their love for music and were blessed to have fans who took them to great heights.

Group leader RM mentioned that the problem with K-Pop and “Idol Culture” is that “they don’t give you time to mature.” He continued and briefly expressed his emotions as he detailed his struggles as the leader of the biggest boy band in the world. One by one, each member opened up with their thoughts and struggles, establishing that they eventually started to feel “burnt out” not even having time to think about what to do next, and so decided to do pause.

Additionally, BTS expressed their frustration with the restriction of transparency between themselves and their fans, while RM felt guilty for taking a break, fearing they would disappoint the fans who had pushed them all the way.

Meanwhile, member V has established his unbreakable bond with ARMYs, reminding his bandmates that he believes almost 90% of fans will continue to support them regardless of their future choices.

On top of that, Jimin said fans have always been at the heart of BTS. He called their “time out” a “tough blow” for all the members to rediscover and reunite as their best versions.

While talking about this hectic daily schedule, Suga even alluded to their “compulsory military enlistment” saying, “I won’t be able to do group schedules or keep up with such a hectic schedule in a year or two.” None of the members will. When that happens, I want to be able to do gigs and make music.

BTS then talked about J-Hope starting with his solo activities, details of which will be revealed in July. Suga also mentioned advising young artists to “go ahead and publish their work, regardless of any criticism or praise they may receive.”

They shared a moment to praise the youngest of the group, for his wise choice of words while summarizing what they had talked about.

BTS apologized to ARMYs and hoped they would be able to convey their sincerity, which was followed by them assuring ARMYs to make group appearances while taking over BTS’s variety show “Run BTS”. for which the official announcement will be made soon.

Towards the conclusion, the members talked about getting matching friendship tattoos, expressing their sincerity to their fans as they shed tears sharing their emotions and made the ending comment that was, hoping being together as a band on stage again without having to worry about the world. regulations.

They cheered, “Apo BangPo,” meaning “Army Forever, BTS Forever.”

Shortly after this V posted his in a post, he did so on their fan community platform.

V's post

The Festa Dinner Party left ARMYs feeling overwhelmed.

Later, a sudden drop in HYBE shares of almost 26% was seen, after the confusion of BTS’s “break” announcement.

However, the next morning, it was cleared by an official from HYBE via a press release that BTS will not be on hiatus, however, they will be focusing on solo activities in the near future.


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