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Britney Spears says she lost her “miracle baby early in her pregnancy”.

Posting on Instagram, the star said she and her fiancé Sam Asghari “maybe” should have waited to announce that she was waiting for them to be “more advanced”.

They were “too excited to share the good news” and shared the news of the miscarriage “with our deepest sadness.”

“Our love for each other is our strength,” the couple said.

It’s a “devastating time for any parent”, they added.

“We will continue to try to grow our beautiful family. We are grateful for all of your support.”

Commenting on their post, Asghari said, “We will have a miracle soon.”

Asghari shared this photo of Spears and her engagement ring on her Instagram Stories

Spears appeared to reveal she was pregnant last month, saying she took a test after Asghari teased her about being “pregnant food”.

Earlier this week, Asghari appeared to have put an end to speculation that they are already married – telling fans that a the date was set for the big day.

Recent events in Spears’ personal life have followed the freedom she gained after 13 years of living under guardianship.

The controversial legal agreement that controlled his personal and financial affairs was finally ended in November following a court ruling.

During the proceedings, the 40-year-old singer described how the guardianship – led by her father Jamie Spears among others – affected not only her finances but also her choice to marry and have another child.

She already has two children, Sean and Jayden, whom she shares with ex-husband Kevin Federline.

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