British woman who went missing from yacht off the Virgin Islands has been missing for more than a week


A Briton is still missing more than a week after she went missing from her American boyfriend’s yacht off the US Virgin Islands.

Sarm Heslop, 41, was last seen on the night of March 7 aboard the 47-foot Siren Song, moored in Frank Bay, St. John’s, the U.S. Virgin Islands Police Department said.

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The boyfriend, who has not been named, told investigators he and Heslop returned to the St. John’s ship around 10 p.m. and fell asleep, US Coast Guard spokesman Ricardo said on Thursday. Castrodad to the Virgin Island Daily News.

Herslop is originally from Southampton, a port town on the south coast of England.

Herslop is originally from Southampton, a port town on the south coast of England.
(Virgin Islands Police Service)

The boyfriend called the police to report Heslop’s disappearance at 11:46 a.m. the next day, telling them that “at 2 a.m. he woke up and realized that she wasn’t in edge, ”Castrodad said. The boyfriend said Heslop’s cell phone and other personal effects were still on the boat and the dinghy was still moored.

Police and volunteers launched a massive search operation for Heslop, with divers scouring the waters along the coastline, the newspaper reported. But the researchers found no sign of Heslop.

Castrodad said visibility and sea conditions were excellent for research, but divers found no signs of anyone in the water. He told the newspaper that there was no evidence indicating Heslop ever entered the water, raising further questions about the 41-year-old’s mysterious disappearance.

Nancy Grace of Fox Nation examined the timing of Heslop’s disappearance on “Fox & Friends” Monday morning.

“I’m curious as to why it took her almost 10 hours to alert anyone,” Grace said of Heslop’s boyfriend.

Grace also pointed out that the police couldn’t find any signs of anyone in the water despite the clear conditions.


“It’s very difficult to search in water, you can’t see that far in front of your face,” said the host of Fox Nation’s “Crime Stories with Nancy Grace”. “But in these waters, you can see very clearly from several feet away, so I’m very curious as to why nothing is showing up.”

Friends of Heslop have set up a Missing Sarm Heslop Facebook page to share information about the search as police continue to investigate the disappearance.

Police in the Virgin Islands have urged anyone with information on Heslop’s whereabouts to contact the Bureau of Criminal Investigations at 340-774-2211.

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