British mother gets 12 years in life for boiling her husband who she says sexually abused her son



A UK court has sentenced a vengeful mother to 12 years in life for the murder of her husband after learning of allegations he sexually assaulted their son – who committed suicide in 2007.

A year ago on Wednesday, prosecutors said Corinna Smith poured a mixture of boiling water and sugar on her sleeping 81-year-old husband, Michael Baines.

“The day before the attack Smith, 59, was described as angry and very upset by a rumor circulating about her husband that she believed to be true,” Cheshire Police said in a statement.

Corinna Smith, of Highfield Road in Neston, will serve at least 12 years in prison.

Corinna Smith, of Highfield Road in Neston, will serve at least 12 years in prison.
(Cheshire Police)

Court documents have revealed Smith’s daughter recently told him that Craig Baines, who committed suicide 14 years ago at the age of 25, was sexually assaulted by her father as a child.


The young Baines, before his death, had been arrested for assaulting a man he described as a pedophile.

Prosecutors said they believed Smith’s claim that she accepted the accusation against her husband as true before killing him.

After throwing the deadly mixture on her husband, police said they walked through nine houses on the street before knocking on a neighbor’s door and telling him: “I really hurt him, I think I killed him.”

Police arrived and “found Michael in excruciating pain and moaning in bed with the skin on his right arm and hand peeling off,” police said.

He was taken to Whiston Hospital in Neston with burns to more than 36% of his body, according to Cheshire Police – and he spent a month there in serious condition before dying from his injuries.

The couple had been married for 38 years, according to Standard.

“Smith killed her husband Michael in such a painful and cruel manner,” Chief Inspector Paul Hughes of the Cheshire Police Department of Major Crime said in a statement. “Throwing boiling water on someone while they are sleeping is absolutely horrible. Also mixing three bags of sugar with water showed her determination to cause serious damage.”

The sugar made the boiling water thick and sticky – and therefore more damaging to the victim’s flesh, Hughes said.

“This left Michael in agony, and rather than calling emergency services, she wasted time going to a nine-door house to tell a neighbor she was not close to. , which she had done, “he said. “Michael was an elderly man who fought for his life after the attack, but unfortunately he eventually passed away. My thoughts continue to be with his family during this incredibly difficult time.”


Smith was initially charged with causing grievous bodily harm, but the charges were escalated after her husband’s death. A jury convicted her of murder last month.

“I condemn you on the grounds that your intention was to cause serious harm rather than to kill,” judge Amanda Yip said in court. “This intention was formed while you were in a state of distress.”

However, Yip added, Baines’ murder took away his right to a fair trial for the allegations of sexual abuse.

With credit for time served, Smith will be eligible for parole on June 3, 2032.


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