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Boris Johnson has written an open letter to the children of Ukraine, praising them as role models for children and adults everywhere and telling them ‘we in the UK will never forget you’.

He writes that “any other year kids like you would come out of your homes and schools to play with your friends, to chase after a soccer ball…to just enjoy what is supposed to be a of carelessness unique in your life.

“Of course, it’s not another year,” he adds.

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The letter refers his trip to kyiv meeting Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy in April, when he hailed the Ukrainian president’s “resolute leadership” and “invincible heroism”.

He reiterates this praise for the children of Ukraine and asks them to keep two things in mind, firstly that they must be immensely proud “of your country, your parents, your families and your soldiers, and above all proud from you”.

“Many of you have seen or experienced things that no child should have to see,” the letter reads.

“Yet every day Ukrainian children teach us all what it means to be strong and dignified, to hold our heads up high even in the most difficult times, I can think of no better role model for children and adults everywhere .”

According to UNICEF, two million children have been forced to flee Ukraine, more than half of them arriving in Poland, and another 2.5 million children internally displaced.

A senior British diplomat has warned of credible allegations of sexual violence against children by Russian troops.

The basement has a parakeet and a dog with mostly women and children

“Ukraine will win this war”

“And the second thing is that you are not alone,” the letter adds.

“You may be separated from your friends at home, but you have millions of others all over the world.

“Here in the UK, we fly Ukrainian flags from our homes, offices, churches, shops and playgrounds, even from my own roof in Downing Street, where the windows are filled with sunflowers drawn by children British.

“Our young people paint your flag in their classrooms and make blue and yellow wristbands to support your country.

“I believe, like your president, that Ukraine will win this war. I hope with all my heart that one day soon you will be free to return to your homes, your schools, your families.

“And come what may, however long it takes, we in the UK will never forget you and will always be proud to call you our friends,” the letter concludes.


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