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A barrel containing a body has been found near Las Vegas – exposed as the shoreline of nearby Lake Mead recedes during a drought.

Based on personal items found inside the heavily corroded container, the individual died in the 1980s, homicide detective
said Lieutenant Ray Spencer.

The barrel – which looks like an industrial storage barrel – was spotted by boaters on Sunday afternoon, police said.

National Park Service rangers then searched an area near the lake’s Hemenway Harbor and found the skeletal remains.

There may be more discoveries, too.

“I would say there is a very good chance that the water level will drop for us to find more human remains,” Spencer told KLAS-TV.

The Clark County medical examiner has been called to determine the cause of death, and the coroner’s office will attempt to determine the person’s identity.

The investigation will involve “a considerable amount of work”, Spencer added, and experts from the University of Nevada will be asked to help.

“We’re going to need scientists to weigh in and give us an estimate of how long this person actually spent in the barrel,” he said.

Lake Mead’s highest water intake – the largest reservoir in the United States – became visible last week.

Lake Mead and Lake Powell upstream are part of a system that provides water to more than 40 million people, agriculture and industry in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming and across the southern border in Mexico.

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