Blockbuster Bible Series’ The Chosen ‘Takes Jesus’ Story to Fox Nation



The hit television series “The Chosen”, which brings the gospel to life through the eyes of those who knew Jesus, is now airing on Fox Nation, with all eight episodes of the first season available. The show’s director and co-writer, American filmmaker Dallis Jenkins, incorporates drama and imagination into the stories and characters of the Bible, and tells the stories of Jesus “through the eyes of those who see it.” have encountered”.

In an interview with Focus on the Family’s Plugged In, Jenkins said he found that “depth” was lacking in most Bible movies and shows, and that the stories were often rushed, moving quickly from verse to verse. other. “The Chosen” was created to “dig deeper”. Jenkins told Plugged In that he wanted people to “fall in love with the characters.”

Jenkins further explained to Focus on the Family that “The Chosen” was designed to take a slower approach to the story of Jesus, with the full scope of the gospels transcending multiple seasons rather than just one feature film. The show’s first season only covers a few weeks at the start of Jesus’ ministry, but gives viewers a unique perspective on well-known Biblical events and characters.

Speaking of the characters, he said, “I am able to follow them from season to season. I laugh, cry, bleed… sweat with them, and that’s what a multi-season show lets you do.

Unlike other larger production films on the life of Jesus, “The Chosen” is a crowdfunding result and was originally made available on YouTube, as well as a standalone streaming app.

This approach paid off and “The Chosen” garnered a loyal following, with the first episode of the first season having over 7 million views on YouTube alone.

The second season of “The Chosen” will air on Easter Sunday on the show’s Facebook and YouTube pages and on the “The Chosen” app.


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