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NEW DELHI: Videos of Rahul Gandhi “partying” at a hip Kathmandu venue dominated the country’s television and media on Tuesday. As the BJP trolled him for showing up at a ‘nightclub’ as his party ‘explodes’, the Congress hit back by saying he was at a wedding party of a Nepalese journalist who is also the daughter of a former diplomat.
In the videos, Rahul is seen furiously typing on his phone against a backdrop of revelry under strobe lights. AICC spokesperson Randeep Surjewala addressed the issue at a press conference.

“Rahul did not go as an uninvited guest as Prime Minister Modi had gone to Pakistan to celebrate the birthday of Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Rahul traveled to a friendly country Nepal to participate at a private wedding of a friend. Luckily the friend is also a journalist,” he said, adding that it is not a crime to attend wedding ceremonies.
Given that he has just returned from a vacation in Europe, the clarification implied that the party is concerned about Rahul’s videos as they undermine the war of perception that Congress is engaged in, over fishing. aggressively trails the BJP.
The clarification, however, could not quell the avalanche of sarcastic remarks from the BJP stable. Justice Minister Kiren Rijiju said: “Regular parties, holidays, vacations, leisure trips, private visits abroad, etc. are nothing new to the nation… As an ordinary citizen, there is no problem, but when a deputy, a permanent boss of a national political party who does not stop preaching to others … »

BJP social media cell chief Amit Malviya said: “Rahul Gandhi was in a nightclub when Mumbai (in 2008) was under control (sic). He’s at a nightclub when his party explodes. He is consistent.

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