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Abuse can “happen to anyone” and “you have no control over it,” Billie Eilish said as she described the song about an experience she suffered as a child.

Speaking ahead of his headlining show at Glastonbury this week, the US star also said it takes time to realize a relationship ‘isn’t what you thought it was’ .

Eilish, 20, said singing about an episode of her own life made her feel “really vulnerable”.

She told The Sunday Times: “Here are all these secrets about me and here are all these insecurities I have and here are all the things I keep to myself.”

The lyrics of her song Getting Older include the line “wasn’t it my decision to be abused”.

She adds, in a later verse, “For anyone asking, I promise it’ll be alright. I’ve had trauma, I’ve done things I didn’t want to; I was too scared to tell you, but now, I think it’s time.”

She said it happened when she was younger, but gave no further details.

Another song from her album Happier Than Ever, titled Your Power, is about abusers who take advantage of underage girls.

She sings, “She said you were a hero; You played the part; But you ruined her in a year.”

Eilish told the newspaper: “There’s a verse in Your Power it’s about my experience and it’s as accurate as possible.

“The rest is about so many other things that I witnessed – from all these different perspectives.”

She said the abuse “changes you” and “makes you feel this responsibility and this regret and this embarrassment”.

Billie Eilish at the Grammy Awards in April
Billie Eilish at the Grammy Awards in April

Eilish continued, “You feel guilty. You feel like it’s your fault and it’s because of you and you started it and this and that.

“And you’re, like, but wait, I didn’t, because I was just a kid.

“We blame ourselves and usually the people who abuse you blame you too when it has nothing to do with you. Especially when you are young and your brain is not developed and you don’t know what is right or wrong. wrong.”

Reflecting on how an abuser can come into someone’s life, Eilish said when you find out an encounter wasn’t what you thought it “drives you crazy”.

She added: “The worst thing is that it can happen to anyone. It doesn’t matter how vigilant your parents are.

“No matter how smart you are, no matter how good your judgement, it can happen to you and you have no control over it.

“It’s crazy. And most of the time, people who have this bad intention seem to be really charming on the outside, they can be charming with your family, they can make a very good impression on your friends. And they profit.”

Eilish headlines the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury on Friday.


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